Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Sale – 2020 Guide

People who make use of wheelchairs will be excited to know that there are great strides in vehicle manufacturing that make them more accessible to everyone.

Mobility is one aspect of human existence that most people want to take to a whole new level and this explains why new models of automobiles are churned out daily. As conventional cars serve the purpose for which they are bought, there are vehicles that have been specifically designed to serve the mobility needs of wheelchair users.

These vehicles are made in a way that allows a driver with disabilities drives without having to move from the wheelchair. Interesting, you might say. These cars are distinct from the conventional cars you find in car dealerships and they come with conversions that are suitable for drivers who are disabled.

In these specially designed vehicles, you will find a ramp adjoined to the body to provide access to the van from any point the user chooses. There are other conversions that you will find like a floor that can be lowered, an adjustable fuel tank, and seats that can be detached for replacement.

Buying this type of car is usually out of necessity; hence it is difficult to know which brand or model is more stylish as the goal is to meet with one’s mobility needs. To this end, you can find wheelchair access vehicles for sale in renowned car dealerships and you will be sure that they can serve your specific needs. Check southernmobilityvehicles.co.uk for more information.

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To help you with the selection process, we have come up with a list of some WAVs that are available in the market.

Some Recommended WAVs to Consider

The following vehicles are some of the brands that come recommended:

Caddy Life from Volkswagen

caddy 600x400

Source: automotivegroup.co.uk

This van is designed like the Volkswagen Caddy small. The Caddy Life is an MPV-style passenger configuration van available in Maxi and Standard lengths. As a wheelchair van, the Maxi version is usually preferable as it comes with five seats and a space for the wheelchair.

The Caddy Maxi Life is made for optimum access and comes with two sliding side doors. It also has a big tailgate that facilitates entry both from the side and the rear – whichever is more convenient for the user.

Although this vehicle comes at a cost, it is considered to be very versatile with a wide range of configurations that make it stand out as one of the best WAVs in the market.

Peugeot’s Partner Tepee

Peugeots Partner Tepee 600x450

Source: autoexposure.co.uk

This is one of the best-selling WAVs in the UK. It is a very popular brand in the mobility scheme as its transformation from being a small van to a passenger vehicle was greeted with huge acceptance by the users.

The Partner Tepee comes with five seats. However, the seats reduce to four when the van is converted to a WAV. The vehicle can be accessed from the back through the tailgate and with the use of a ramp. With this adjustment, there is enough room for luggage to be accommodated if there is a need to travel.

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Berlingo Multispace by Citroen

Berlingo Multispace by Citroen 600x400

Source: automotivegroup.co.uk

The Citroen Berlingo is a small panel van that comes with two side doors and a seat configuration that allows for the transportation of five passengers without stress. If a wheelchair passenger is onboard, the capacity reduces to four people.

A wheelchair user can access this vehicle using a ramp that is usually connected to the tailgate. The Berlingo Multispace which has now been upgraded as the Berlingo passenger boasts of an entry height of 1400mm.

Ford’s Tourneo Connect

Fords Tourneo Connect 600x338

Source: youtube.com

This van is available in two lengths – The Short and Grand models. The short model has the capacity to accommodate both the wheelchair user and three other passengers. On the other hand, the Grand model allows five passengers including the wheelchair user.

The wheelchair user accesses the van through the rear with the use of a ramp that folds when not in use. Additionally, with its entry height of 1,468mm, there is enough room to have both the scooter and wheelchair inside the van.

The Ford Torneo has a versatile seating configuration which allows the wheelchair user to adjust his position to any degree and the only effect will be the reduction in the number of passengers.

Fiat’s Doblo

Fiats Doblo 600x450

Source: posabilitymagazine.co.uk

This is a small cargo van that is ranked among the top WAVs because of its brilliant styling and versatility. It has a segment-leading space in the rear which allows for the transport of the wheelchair or scooter user with other passengers numbering up to four.

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The van has a boxy design and a rear entry height of 1,430mm. With the extra-large side doors, able-bodied passengers can access the vehicle from any point.
Fiat has always focused on design upgrade and this particular model didn’t fall short of expectations.

Kangoo by Renault

Kangoo by Renault 600x338

Source: freedommobility.co.nz

This WAV is available in both standard and maxi length models. It accommodates a wheelchair with up to four additional passengers in the vehicle.

As a standard in all the models, the Renault Kangoo offers double side doors that able-bodied passengers can use to access the back seats. For the user on wheels, access into the van is through a ramp adjoined to the rear for easy entrance and exit.

Those are the few WAVs on our top WAV list, you can also search the internet to check out other brands that may suit your needs.


Buying a WAV would be a good decision for persons struggling with mobility as they are reliable, spacious, comfortable and relieves one of the worries that come with having people drive them. With these vans, you can drive to any distance with your family and enjoy the beautiful experience of driving.

You might want to visit the local car dealership near you and treat yourself to a new car.

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