Toyota Avensis 2016

Toyota Avensis 2016 is basically considered a European version of Camry, but not quite. First of all, Avensis is slightly larger and it is offered in couple of body styles: as saloon and estate.

 Toyota Avensis Review

2016 Toyota Avensis should be slightly reworked model which comes out of a second facelift. This will be the last update for third generation Avensis, and the car in general as Toyota plans to scrap it in favor of a new model sometime in next few years.

2016 Toyota Avensis21

Toyota Avensis Front

2016 Toyota Avensis Engine

Both sedan and wagon are offered with three engine choices; one petrol and two diesel ones. Petrol engine is 1.8L 4-cylinder which generates 145 horsepower and comes with either 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox.

2.0L 4-cylinder engine is the base diesel option and it delivers 122 horses which are routed towards the ground via manual transmission exclusively. Finally, 148-horsepower 2.2L 4-cylinder diesel offers both transmissions. These should be carried over, but it is noticeable that future Avensis could benefit from additional, slightly more efficient options.

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Current Avensis lineup still executes old Toyota design with small grille. New design will bring larger air intake up front, possibly even X-like grille which can be seen in new Yaris, for instance.

Headlights and front bumper will be changed as well, and so will be corresponding rear end features too.

In general, 2016 Toyota Avensis is supposed to have more contemporary design which should prolong its life, but this is still a seven year-old work which can’t give you the same upgrades that all-new body could.

2016 Toyota Avensis Interior

Avensis offers comfortable cabin with plenty of space to go around. Estate versions are especially roomy, both for passengers and cargo alike. Still, this isn’t a luxury car and most available models come with cloth seats and bland, but tidy cabin. However, order a top grade and you’ll enjoy leather/suede seats and plenty of other soft touches across the cabin.

2016 Toyota Avensis3

Slightly curved, straightforward dashboard should be carried over and large display screen in its middle won’t be changed. It comes with all but entry-level models, and together with it is offered Go navigation app.

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All models are offered with standard CD player audio and 6 speakers, but top grade models offer 11-speaker upgrade. 2016 Toyota Avensis is packed with all mandatory safety features which include stability and traction control, full airbag system and anti-lock brakes.

Rearview camera is standard with all but base models, and upper-grade models offer additional pre-crash safety system, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keep assist.

Diesel models are rated at 63 mpg combined in pretty relaxed U.K. ratings, while petrol engine takes you as far as 43 miles on a single U.K. gallon in European ratings. U.S. numbers are much lower, but in comparison to Camry, Avensis still comes up with better figures.

2016 Toyota Avensis4

Price for Toyota Avensis 2016

Base Avensis costs around £18,000 in U.K., while most expensive, model is wagon with 2.2L diesel engine and automatic shifter which costs £28,500.

Toyota Avensis will look better, but shouldn’t offer any bump in specs figures or performance for that matter. It is still a reliable choice when it comes to both sedans and wagons as owning Toyota always has its perks.

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