Manufacturing Process of Rubber Feet And Bumpers for the Car Industry

Rubber feet and bumpers are manufactured in a wide range of types that are meant to improve the efficiency of different products. Whatever type is in question, they all have one, particular purpose and it is to protect an item, product, appliance, machine, or a person from harm and damage. But, what is the composition process behind these rubber feet and bumpers?

If you’re interested in the manufacturing process behind these items, you are reading the right article. The text below is going to highlight how these rubber feet and bumpers are made, as well as some other key benefits that you might want to know about. Let’s take a closer look at the steps in the manufacturing process for the car industry:

Step 01: The Material Preparation

Manufacturing Process of Rubber Feet And Bumpers for the Car Industry

The very first step in the process is preparing the materials. To put it simply, the expert will mix up the rubber and heat it by utilizing barrel mixes. The warmth created by the velocity of the barrel allows the rubber to have lower viscosity, which is quite beneficial for the accelerating operation range.

Next, the compound will be operated on by a certain piston machine that is meant to push the substance and form it through a die. Of course, by fixing the strength, form, and the speed of cutting, you can get various sizes that you need for the molding process.

Step 02: The Molding Process

Rubber Injection Molding

According to the rubber feet and bumper manufacturing company etolrubber, molding technology is most commonly utilized for manufacturing these parts, especially since it allows companies to create a large number of parts in a short time. The machines utilized enable the use of rubber strips that are not previously formed.

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The aforementioned rubber mixture is then loaded into the machine by a screw that can be rotated and then it is injected into a specifically designed mold by a piston. This process can ensure that the items produced come out with a bit of burr, or none of it at all since the machine also features a vacuum before placing the rubber into the mold.

The vacuum guarantees that there are no bubbles in the mixtures, which is what actually lowers the amount of burr. The cycle needed to produce the parts are shorter than with other options, mostly because the rubber is first heated, which in return reduces the overall time needed.

Step 03: Cleaning


The finished products might require very small dimensional tolerances, which means that it might require parallel or surface grinding, which needs to be done accurately. One of the most common deburring processes is done by a nitrogen machine that will take care of all the burrs, as well as any excess material that might be visible on the items.

The items are placed on a drum that can be rotated and then they are blasted by the machine. This will blow off any burrs that occurred during the molding process, hence, you’ll be left with a clean, perfect item. It can be utilized for small, medium, and large products that were created in the molding machine.

Step 04: Controlling And Testing

Controlling And Testing

The manufacturing plant will most likely perform random controls and testing on their finished items. Most commonly, they perform destructive exams on different feet and bumpers in order to test the quality and resistance of the items. All of this will ensure that the product can properly protect any item, machine, or vehicle.

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The Benefits of Using These Items

The Benefits of Using These Items

Naturally, there is a wide range of benefits that you can gain from utilizing these rubber bumpers and feet, including:

1. They Protect From Wear And Tear – if you need to protect car gear, as well as some surfaces from scratching, these small products can help you with protecting them. By applying them to specific parts, you can ensure that the item does not get damaged, even though you might be using it every day.

2. Can Absorb Shock And Impact – by placing a rubber bumper inside a specific device, you can ensure that is actually last longer. How you might be wondering? Well, the internal components will be protected from each other, which can allow it to function better, as well as operate longer.

3. They Can Protect Your Floors – Outside of the vehicles, they are also used in homes. The furniture in your home can damage any floor surface, hence, if you want to stop that from happening, you can place rubber feet on your chairs, tables, or any other furniture piece that might cause scratches on your floor. The application is easy and they will protect your floors efficiently.

How to Choose Them?

How to Choose Them

Depending on what you need a bumper for, the very first thing that you’ll need to consider is the size of the hole or area that you need to apply them to. Hence, you’ll probably need to grab a ruler and see how large – or small – the hole is. From there, you’ll be able to choose a bumper or rubber feet that will suit the area you need.

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Keep in mind that there are various types, including adhesive feet and bumpers, which means that you’ll be able to easily apply them around your vehicle. Additionally, you might want to consider the material used for manufacturing the product, especially if being Eco-friendly is crucial to you.

Lastly, if you are not sure about what type you should choose, you could always ask the company to help you determine. Most of them do have customer services available, which is one of the reasons why you might want to choose to actually use it for your questions about these parts.


manufacturing of rubber bumpers

As you were able to learn, the manufacturing of rubber bumpers and feet is not as difficult as you might initially though. Of course, there are other manufacturing processes utilized for creating these items, but for the most efficient and quick results, mold injection machines are most commonly utilized.

So, now that you know how these beneficial parts are manufactured, as well as what benefits you could gain from them, you might not want to waste any more time, especially if you need several rubber bumpers and/or feet. And if so, you should start browsing various stores in order to find the ones that will suit your needs and requirements.

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