Lexus UX Concept

Lexus UX Concept – A Picture of a Perfect Compact Crossover

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The Lexus UX Concept has basically given us a picture of a perfect and upcoming compact crossover, and so far the only things they have showcased is what the design language might look like, once the vehicle actually enters production. Since nothing has been decided on for sure, even the few things Lexus has revealed have to be taken with a grain of salt. And aside from the exterior, they have revealed virtually nothing.

Release Date of Lexus UX Concept

There is no Lexus UX in production, so there is no release date – confirmed or otherwise.

Lexus UX Concept

Lexus UX Concept Price

The same thing as the release date – there is simply no way of knowing at this early stage in the development.


On the outside, the most redeeming feature of the Lexus UX Concept is the “Spindle” front grille. It is not like nobody has ever seen one of these, but on a closer look we could see that it is not like the ones we have seen in the past.

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Lexus UX Concept2

For one, the mesh is different and the layout is more reminiscent of a 3D design with a spiny feel to it. Aside from that, the upper arms mean that whatever engine Lexus chooses to put inside is going to have lots of room and plenty of air to burn. Not to mention that the front fascia is going to be very intimidating, which is probably the vibe they were going for anyway.

Aside from that, the front fenders seem to blend into the cabin in a way that makes the cameras mounted on the door next to impossible to notice, unless you know they are there. The arches on the wheels are amazing, and from the rear it looks like an armored vehicle of sorts.

Lexus UX Concept3

It even has LED lights that are mounted much higher in the rear complete with menacing red strips. If you look below, you will see its huge, rectangular exhausts. Still, it is likely that these design lines will be toned down by the time the model hits the assembly line, although we can probably expect them to still reach the dealerships in a form that is similar to the one we have seen.

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Lexus UX Interior

From what we could see, the Lexus UX Concept portrays a highly futuristic interior. It seems they were going for a vibrant and exciting feel, and the whole cabin looks like it belongs on a spaceship.

Lexus UX Concept7

It does not really matter, as there is no way Lexus is actually going to build this thing. It is simply too outlandish and unreal.

Lexus UX Concept5

Otherwise, we can expect lots of space on the insides, comfy seats and an infotainment system of the latest generation.


Unfortunately, this is still a concept, so there is absolutely no data on what kind of engine the Lexus UX is going to include.

Lexus UX Concept1

It will most likely boast similar specs to the ones from the existing Lexus models, but there is simply no information at this time. When we find out more, so will you.


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Lexus UX Concept4 250x166

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