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Eadon Green Black Cuillin – Mysterious Newcomer

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Even though technology advanced tremendously in the past years, there are still classic car manufacturers out there. One of them is Morgan, a company that managed to combine the classic styling with the modern technology. So far they have been the only successful company to do it but it seems that their success is going to be challenged. Not that long ago Eadon Green announced that they are looking to make a new car. Unfortunately Eadon Green is a brand new company so there is very little information about them. Their first car, the Eadon Green Black Cuillin, is named after a mountain range from Scotland. Besides its name, they only showcased their badge and a sketch of the car’s profile.

Black Cuillin – More details

The company was started in London back at the end of 2016 so at this point it is barely a few months old. Because of that it is safe to assume that the Black Cuillin is not a new concept. In fact it was in development for likely a few years before the company was formed. Their first car seems to be a retro design which is quite similar to what Morgan is making.

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source: motorstorepro.com

However, unlike Morgan it seems that they want more than just a classic look. For starters, their badge has the word “Integrity” on it as well as race-flags. The latter suggests that they might go for today’s super-cars with a retro-looking car. The price is unknown but we expect considerably more than $150,000, especially since the company is so small and they can’t put out many units on the market. The car will be released at Geneva in March but the production version might still take a few years until it will become available for sale.

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The design

On top of the sketch showcased by the company, we also managed to take a look at the trademark image of the Eadon Green Black Cuillin. Even though it may look like a Morgan from the profile, there are some really interesting differences. For starters, it uses a curvier body which is more similar to the ‘20s cars. The long hood and teardrop shape make for a stunning profile.

Eadon Green Black Cuillin1

source: motorstorepro.com

In the front it seems that the car features a rather large splitter which disrupts its lines. This is most likely needed due to the performance it is capable of putting out. There is no word about the interior. However, considering the trademark image, it is safe to assume the Eadon Green Black Cuillin is only going to feature two seats. We expect the car to feature all the modern commodities inside the cabin but it will more than likely feature a classic look, similar to what is on the outside.

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Under the hood

Unfortunately at this point Eadon Green has not released any time of information about the powertrain of the Black Cuillin. Considering their badge and design, we would expect the car to be at least as fast as a Morgan Aero 8.

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source: motorstorepro.com

We doubt Eadon Green is going to design an all new engine from scratch. Their rivals are using BMW or Ford engines in their cars. It is safe to assume Eadon will go on a different route. Both Audi and Mercedes are known to sell complete engine kits to select manufacturers.

On top of that, AMG’s 4 liter twin-turbo V8 would be perfect for this type of application. The engine is light, powerful and it could easily fit any car, especially one with a rather slim hood like the Black Cuillin.

Due to its intended purpose, the car will definitely come with rear wheel drive while its transmission might be a six speed manual. They could also surprise us and use an automatic but this is unlikely considering the compeptition.

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Eadon Green Black Cuillin 250x166

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