Dodge Challenger Shakedown

Dodge Challenger Shakedown at the 2016 SEMA

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Even though modern Durango is not exactly a performer on today’s markets, this does not mean that Dodge does not have any plans for it. did not exactly have a stellar sales record, which is the main reason why the nameplate was on a hiatus. However, the new and pending re-launch just might be what the doctor ordered. And an updated interior is a nice touch as well. Still, let us see just what kind of goodies Dodge has for us once the Durango Shaker comes into play.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown Release date

There is absolutely no way of knowing when it will make an appearance. Your guess is as good as ours, at this point at least.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown5

Dodge Challenger Shakedown Price

Unfortunately, there are not even accurate rumors regarding the price of the Dodge Challenger Shakedown, so at this point we can only assume it will depend on the level of equipment, the trim and the competition.

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The exterior of the Dodge Challenger Shakedown is going to differ somewhat from what we expected. For one, the aggressiveness will be bumped up a notch and that honeycomb grille is going to make a nice addition.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown3

Speaking of which, so will the new front bumper that is considerably lower than it used to be. Failing that, the rear splitter-like element is bound to get some attention.

Between a slightly redesigned body as well as larger wheels and a new color selection, the new Dodge Challenger is going to be a blast! Armed to the proverbial teeth with chrome elements, lighter and faster than ever, this is a car for the new millennia.

Interior of Dodge Challenger Shakedown 

On the inside, it would seem that Dodge has managed to impress, yet again. Of course, the seats are top notch, and all the safety features are present and accounted for, complete with Kayzkin leather and some of the finest stitching we have ever heard of.

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Dodge Challenger Shakedown1

As for the central console and the dashboard, there simply isn’t much to go on right now. When we find out more, so will you.


Unfortunately, the powertrain beneath the Challenger’s hood is also a mystery. If you were hoping that the old Hellcat will make another go, think again.

This is not going to happen and we’ll all just have to learn how to deal with it. Then again, a 6.4 L V-8 isn’t so bad, with its 490 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque, even if it’s just an upgraded version of the old engine and hardly a worthy successor.

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Still, as long as it can roar past 60 mph in less than 6 seconds, we are happy. Handling is rumored to be vastly improved as well, with the speed being maxed at a little more than 130 mph.

As for the transmission, it is hard to imagine Dodge getting all experimental on us.The old 8-speed automatic is tried and true, so there is absolutely no reason to believe they are going to offer us anything else. It would simply be an unnecessary risk.

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Dodge Challenger Shakedown Video

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Dodge Challenger Shakedown5 250x166

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