Car Sports Watches: The History and the Future

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The world of watchmaking and motorbike racing are closely related. Accuracy, time, but also luxury, is the watchword of the two universes that are united and work regularly together. I propose to find here how to recognize car watches, what is the history of this watch and what charming legends have marked the memories of collectors.

What is a car watch?

In fact, there is no established specification for defining a car driver’s watch. This is more a manufacturer that directs their products to the world of cars and generally gives a name that has a relationship with this environment.

Chronographs are almost always present, but ultimately the only complication can be found from one model to another. Some eye blinks are made to remind the world of cars, including boxes that often appear on the dial or in the case, but also the clock that reminds a car counter.

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However, the car clearly shows the sportsman and is clearly a man. We find more carbon or carbon imitation, which reminds the body of today’s racing car.

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Finally, even though it’s not always the case, we often find bracelets often from the skin, many hole holes to avoid sweat. It happens regularly that watch manufacturers take the color of the cage or the symbol of the circuit, to decorate the design of the watch.

History of car watches

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the first car pointed to the end of the hood, Alfred Dunhill who was closest to the car manufacturer, felt the economic potential that was very attractive from the drivers of the first car. He then proposed a watch instrument adapted to driving.

Very quickly, homes such as L. Leroy and of course the TAG Heuer (a few moments later), connect their names to setting the time on the circuit, and always look for higher speeds. At the same time, car manufacturers have realized that they need the expertise of watchmakers to provide them with many instruments, such as tachometers, gauges or clocks.

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During the late 50s and early 60s watchmakers, then subcontractors and partners, began to understand that car customers were ultimately very interesting audiences, and that it might be appropriate to link their image to motorsport, which is becoming increasingly popular.

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It was in 1963 that the relationship between watchmaking and motorsport really happened. This year, Rolex offers a partnership with the American Daytona International Speedway circuit, while Jack Heuer at the same time launches the famous Carrera chronograph. A few years later TAG Heuer created Monaco, a famous chronograph made by Steve McQueen who would wear it in a Le Mans film.

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Endless association

Gradually, various brands have grown throughout the automotive world, gradually reaching a larger and larger audience. Some soon joined pilots, such as Richard Mille with Sébastien Loeb and Felipe Massa or Audemars Piguet with Michael Schumacher.

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Rolex clearly established itself in the Formula 1 market, especially by signing a historic agreement in 2012, making the Swiss watchmaker an official timekeeper, but especially the supplier of official Formula 1 watches.

Breitling has been associated with Bentley for more than 15 years, regularly offering a collection of watches with watches that are clearly inspired by the details of British cars. Others followed, and Parmigiani Fleurier became a partner of Bugatti, and Blancpain with Lamborghini. Even smaller homes have found associations, such as Bremont that works with Jaguar trucks or BRM and Scania.

The watch company and the manufacturer of racing cars are two things that are now difficult to separate from each other. Their mutual collaboration is one of the characteristics of the modern racing world.

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Car Sports Watches 250x166

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