Car Accident Lawyer 2020 – Reasons for Hiring

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Today’s world is a rushed one. Rushing to meet deadlines, rushing through traffic, trying to get more done with less time at hand. We are also living in more and more bigger cities with a higher density than before. Our driving is filled with distractions from cell phones and our busy schedules. In this rush to get somewhere, we can easily find ourselves in a car accident. 

As the industries around the modern cities and towns are thriving at a high rate, the rush of the people on the road is increasing. The rate and probability of car accidents have increased as more of us share the roads. 

Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents are always a matter of uncertainty. And yet an even more uncertain and confusing aspect of a car accident is that you’re not sure if you can get compensated for the damages an accident you were not at fault for. 

Here comes the necessity of a car accident lawyer.

What Happens After a Car Accident?

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It’s a critical time. 

You are lying injured, and your relatives are running for your medical help. There is no time or chance to think about damages to your property and yourself and compensation. That is not how we feel. 

This is when you need a specialized person who can control the whole situation and earn you the maximum reparation for your losses and take emotions out of it. 

This professional is called a car accident lawyer.

Why Should I Hire One?

A car accident attorney will guide you through some legal process that you would either not understand or not complete the way it is needed. Here is the process:

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The first job of your lawyer is to understand the situation and consider every detail of it. They have investigation teams who will explore all details of the accident – from the make of the car, road conditions, driving records of the other party, the personal injury you suffered, etc.

Generally, they work on the condition. You pay them only if they win. That’s why they are very careful not to take any case that they think they could not win. So, they will do due diligence to win the case.


Just like a detective officer, he will collect evidence from all sides. He’ll start right from the cause of the accident. Then he will gather all the data of your medical treatment process, all types of your losses that he can calculate mathematically. 

Photos of the accident spot and the damaged car will be shot; relevant statements from witnesses will be noted and filed.

Negotiation with the insurance company

Negotiation with the insurance company

We, the general people, don’t understand the legal aspects of the contract we signed with the insurance company. 

Your lawyer, however, has the legal training to review the whole agreement that was settled when the policy was sold to you. He will find out the logical and legal advantage for you and ensure maximum compensation for you.

If you contact a lawyer after a car accident, and they take your case, they will work to achieve the following compensations:

  • Medical Expenses: All the bills for your medicine, medical check-ups, dressings, procedures, and x-ray or ultra-sonogram tests.
  • Lost Wages:When you are injured, you cannot go to work for days and, sometimes, even for months, and you remain unable to earn your living. Your attorney will ensure that the defendant party will compensate for the ‘temporary jobless condition’.
  • Lost Earnings:Your permanent injury might change your abilities, and you might be downgraded in your job, causing permanent loss to your earnings, i.e., cause you to earn less than that you earned before the injury. 

If your lawyer can show the degraded condition at the court, the accused party must pay the amount that you are and will be losing.

  • Property Damage or Repair Cost:This is the direct compensation that the defendant has to make and needs no explanation as it relates to your car and the damages to it.
  • Other Impacts:There are different types of losses that the lawyer can win compensation for. 

Some of them are like emotional loss from trauma and suffering, like loss of love and affection because of diminished abilities. Yet the law, standing for any plaintiff, can calculate that type of loss in mathematical figures and ultimately demand reparation.

These are something that can be done only by a lawyer. 

If you have further inquiries on how to calculate losses you incur during a personal injury, this site might be of great help.

The Demand Letter

demand letter

After considering the contract papers judiciously, your attorney will send a demand letter to the insurance company. This letter, based on the conditions written on the contract papers, will logically instruct what steps may be taken to compensate his client. 

Grounded on the data, information, and other evidence that he’d gathered during his first step of the process, his claims and legal reasoning for the demand will be hard to argue against.

Preparation for pleading

Many cases are there when the defendant party or the insurance company refuses to compensate or try to pay as little as possible. 

What the car injury lawyer does here is straightforward. He moves to court with all the documents and evidence. He proceeds with strong and irrefutable reasons and finally wins the verdict in favor of his client.

How do I Know Who Can Help Me?

Yes, not everyone who claims to be capable can help you. After all, the legal community comes with lawyers with varied experience and skill level and success ratio. Choosing the right lawyer is critical.

Let’s discuss how you would find the right one.

car attorney

Use Reference

When you get the name from any of your friends, family members, or co-workers, they are likely to be worthy. 

If you know someone in the legal community, they will be your best link to finding the right attorney for you – they have the ins and outs of the city and know a lot about different law firms. After all, it’s their world, and they know better who could help you best.

Internet— the Best Place to Search

Tons of legitimate websites list hundreds of attorneys with their whole career’s performance and successful case histories. 

These are excellent sources that, at least, get you some real and professional lawyers to choose from.

Contact and Interview

Make your choice list as short as possible and start contacting them. 

Get an appointment and ask them how many cases like yours have they won. They would explain to you how they are going to handle the whole case and clearly outline the compensation they think they can win for you.

From their first introductory sessions, you should be able to decide the right person.

For more tips on hiring the right lawyer.

Long Story Short

It is your life, and you are the only one to decide what to do if you were the victim of such a sudden car accident. If you contact an attorney, you’re likely to have everything that you deserve legally leaving you with no regrets of what you could have done differently.


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