Best Car Engines Ever Made

Ranking the world’s best engines ever made is no easy task. Although we could simply name a few and then add the Bugatti Chiron as the best one, that would be simply playing unfair.

Everyone knows that the Chiron has the most powerful engine ever made. But power isn’t the only thing that matters. What else matters are fuel efficiency, price, performance, and various other factors.

So, if we are to judge the world’s best engines, we would rank them based on a combination of all factors. And while this list will most certainly drive divided opinions, we’re hoping you’ll at least like it.
So, let’s dive straight into it.

1. Chevrolet Small-Block V8

Chevrolet Small Block V8

The Chevy is a classic American car that everyone would be proud to drive. This list will include engines from various parts of the world, including the United States. And the first representative happened to be the Chevy’s Small-Block V8.

But did you know that this unit was manufactured by GM way back in 1955? Yes, nearly 110 million copies of this engine have been made ever since its inception.

Chevrolet Small Block V8

The Small-Block V8 is highly praised for its modification ability. It seems that everyone wants this engine because it can be modified for more power.

One of the most iconic Le Mans winners had a small-block as the main part of the racecar.
Regarded as one of their prized possessions for decades, GM still makes it possible for you to buy one.

2. Ford Flathead V8

Ford Flathead V8a

Yet another eight-cylinder on this list, but this time it’s from competitors Ford. Everyone knows the story of Henry Ford. The enthusiastic and brilliant man from Detroit revolutionized the automobile industry in 1903; and things have been looking good ever since.

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However, we’re not here to talk about Henry Ford, but rather talk about the Flathead V8. Regarded as one of the best units ever made, the Flathead V8 made it possible for The Ford Model T to drive up to 60 mph!

This might sound silly to you, but this was revolutionary at that time! And don’t think for a second that this wasn’t an affordable engine! Everyone with a Model T could soon afford the Flatty as their main engine.

We mentioned at the start that we won’t focus that much on power, and that’s exactly why the Flathead V8 makes the list.

Ever since its inception in 1932, the Flathead V8 remains in production for another five decades.

3. Ferrari Colombo V12

Ferrari Colombo

The first V12 on this list, and it’s from Italian manufacturer Ferrari. Everyone has seen a Ferrari and everyone wants to drive one. But can you afford one?

Price is very subjective here as the V12 gets the nickname “Columbo” due to the man that designed and manufactured it.

Ferrari Colombo V12

Gioacchino Colombo is the brilliant man that designed one of the best units in existence. While it was initially intended to be the engine of an F1, the design was quickly altered and is now used for the Ferrari 412. And that’s not all the models that use this brilliant engine.

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Some other prominent models include the 250 GTO, the 365 GTB, and many more.

4. Honda B-Series

Honda B Series engine

Not many engines as essential for the success of a brand as the B-Series is for the Tokyo-based giant.
The B-Series is quite possibly the most unique unit ever assembled. Why is that? Well, it was the B-Series that started the whole engine modification craze in the world.

If it wasn’t for the versatility of the B-Series, we would have never seen the Civic in its full glory. This engine resides in a few cars, which include the Civic, Del Sol, Integra, and various others.

The B-Series is a very impressive engine that is fuel-efficient, durable, and very easy to maintain.

This is exactly why B-Series engines are in such high-demand even when buying as spares. It seems that there is no end to the B-Series. If you’re looking for engine parts or even an entire engine for your Civic, Accord, or any other Honda model, then is the place to visit.

5. Chrysler Slant Six

Chrysler Slant Six

Although the Chrysler Slant Six was only manufactured from 1959 to 1987, it still holds an impressive reputation amongst experts.

There is nothing quite impressive as an idle Slant Six. This unit gives out a sound that would be hard to forget.

Chrysler was the first one to make it a thing, and it wasn’t until 20 years later that others started to follow.

If you are truly an engine enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard or seen a Slant Six. The 30-degree tilt is one of the most stylish and easily distinctive types of engines that Chrysler popularized over the decades.
It is why it deserves a spot on this list.

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6. MoPar Street Hemi

MoPar Street Hemi

Yet another unit from Chrysler, but this time it’s the Street Hemi. This engine was designed to be a front runner in NASCAR. But manufacturers quickly decided that the potential is so much more. Because of that, the Street Hemi managed to adhere to NASCAR’s engine mandates whilst also making it a powerful unit.

This is a highly unique unit that is considered by many as MoPar’s most valuable creation. Although the unit was only manufactured between 1966 and 1971 (only five years) it quickly grew onto NASCAR fans.

Unfortunately, manufacturers never really managed to solve the high emissions and regulations were ultimately the killer of the Street Hemi.

7. Duesenberg Straight Eight

Duesenberg Straight Eight

Not many people remember the Duesenberg. This particular company doesn’t exist anymore, but the heritage and history it left behind are truly remarkable.

The Dusenberg was the first American car to win the French Grand Prix in 1921, driven by Jimmy Murphy.

Duesenberg Straight Eight engine

But we’re not here to talk about history, we’re here to talk about the Straight Eight. Quite possibly the best racecar engine ever to be assembled, the Straight Eight was a remarkable unit comprised of a 6.9L chamber with 265 horsepower. Let’s remember that this was way back in 1928!

But that’s quite the exaggeration considering that the Duesenberg only manufactured racing cars and high-end luxury cars. Regardless, the Straight Eight was still a thing of beauty.

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