Benefits Of Buying Used Cars Rochester NY For Your Next Car In 2020

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Buying a brand new vehicle is always a dream. Your mind says yes, but your wallet is telling you no. You’re so tempted to get on that dream car finally, but it’s just not possible. Even if it’s a need. Should you be faced with this dilemma, fret not any longer. There’s still the other option of buying a used car. Today, that latter choice is no longer such a bad thing. Buying a used car can be just as good as a new one. In some cases, perhaps even better.

To show you that point, here are some of the best benefits that you can get from buying a used car:

1. Save On Costs

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One of the most undeniable advantages of buying a used car has to do with the cost savings. A used car costs less than a new car. On average, cost savings can run from around 30 to 50% than a new car. If you can save up this much on a vehicle also still with reasonable quality, then why not go for that more economical option? The last thing that you’d want is for your monthly budget to suffer, simply because you have to be burdened by the monthly payments. This is especially important when you’re buying a bigger family car, like the Kia Carens.

2. Not Paying On Depreciation

Not Paying On Depreciation

Cars depreciate quite fast throughout a three to five-year period. The moment that you bring home your brand new car that will already have depreciated by about 20 to 30%. That’s because when you bring out the vehicle from the brand new dealer, its status will have automatically shifted from brand new to used. In that case, you’re paying for the value worth the 20% or 30% that has already been lost due to depreciation.

In buying a used car, you don’t waste any money. You’re not paying for depreciation, as in fact, the vehicle you’re buying is already at a depreciated value. Adding to this also is the basic fact that most car owners who like to sell their vehicles do so within the three to five-year time frame. This helps ensure that the car is still relatively new, despite its depreciated value. That’s a lot of money that you’ve inherently saved.

3. Lower Insurance Rates

Lower Insurance Rates

When considering the cost of buying a new car, it’s wrong to think only about the outright purchase price. Don’t forget that there are other incidental expenses to owning a vehicle that adds up to the expense. One of these most significant expenses is car insurance. Significantly, this can add to the cost of ownership, especially when you’re buying a brand new car.

When you’re buying a used car, the cost of the insurance is lower. That’s simply because used cars have a lower value than brand new ones. The equation with insurance policies is simple. The lower the value of the car, the lower also is the insurance premiums.

4. Falling Registration Fees

Falling Registration Fees

Other than the insurance itself, another cost that is an inherent part of car ownership is the registration fee. Each year, you have to update and pay for the registration fee of your car. Like your insurance premiums, in most cases, the cost of your registration fee is also dependent on the value of the car. As the vehicle gets older also and depreciates, so does the cost of registration fall as well. With buying a used car, you also get to enjoy a lower cost of registration.

5. Wider Variety Of Options

Wider Variety Of Options

When you’re buying a brand new car, naturally, your options are more limited because of the price. Because brand new cars are expensive, you have no other choice but to stick to your plan. With buying used vehicles, you can do more for a dollar. This means that you can stretch your budget more, to have a wider variety of options.

In buying a used car, even more expensive models can be within your reach simply because these, too, cost less than their brand new counterparts. In addition, you also have access to older models, if this is your preference, which may no longer be manufactured in brand new dealers.

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6. Paying Only For The Features You Need

Benefits Of Buying Used Cars Rochester NY For Your Next Car In 2020

The newer the car is, the more features it’s going to have. But, depending on your preference and personality, these features may not exactly be what you’re looking for. In some cases, these add-on features that you’re paying for in brand new cars may be useless to you.

With buying used cars, you can also choose from older models. This means that the features may also be limited. But, this limit comes with an advantage. It means that you get to choose a car with only the features that you need. You’re not paying for any extra features that don’t even prove to be useful for you.


buying a used car

If you wish to buy a car today, the good news is that you’re going to be presented with a wide variety of options. You won’t only be limited to buying a brand new one when this choice isn’t the most feasible for you at the moment.

Remember that the decision to buy a car is one that’s going to affect you for many years to come in your life. It’s up to you to help make it lighter on your pocket. With these benefits of buying used, perhaps now you can be more open-minded to this idea.

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