Different Auto Services Your Car Needs After Prolonged Lack of Use

Perhaps you’ve been abroad for several months, or you were ill and couldn’t drive for a long time. Maybe, like the rest of the world, the limited mobility measures put into place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease prevented you from going anywhere in your car. For sure, your vehicle’s prolonged period of rest allowed for some auto troubles to breed.

According to experts from DT Service Centre in Dubai, not using a machine for a long time can do a significant amount of harm to your vehicle. So, if you will be using your car again soon after its extended period of idleness, it’s best to have it serviced first at a trusted auto service center.

What are the services that you need to get your car back into proper working order? Listed below are eight of these essential services.

1. Ignition Key Hole Lubrication

Ignition Key Hole Lubrication 1


A sticking key is a common issue for a car that’s been left alone for months. This isn’t that big a concern, but it can be an inconvenience. You can request that a dry lubricant be applied to the keyhole when you take the vehicle to a service center.

This quick step will make sure that your car key doesn’t get stuck in the ignition lock again.

2. Fuel Tank Clean-up

Fuel Tank of car Clean up


If you let your car’s petrol run low before resting it for a long time, it’s in big trouble. The inside of the fuel tank may have developed rest, and this will require thorough cleaning, which is rather tricky to carry out yourself.

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If you want the safest clean-up job for your car’s fuel tank before refilling it, take it to a car service center. They’ll make sure to get rid of all signs of corrosion that can affect the running power of the vehicle.

When there’s rust in the fuel tank, it can restrict fuel flow and the car will have a difficult time accelerating.

3. Engine Clean-up and Lubrication



A car that hasn’t been driven for a long time is likely to develop rust on the engine. So, have the engine checked and the rust removed. Typically, service centers will clean up the spark plugs and spray a bit of oil or apply petroleum jelly to the sockets. They will also use fogging oil for the different cylinders. In addition, they will remove and change the oil if it’s gotten dark and cloudy.

While you’re at it, ask for an under-the-hood inspection and clean-up of any animals, nests, and leaves. When a car’s been parked outside even for just a couple of weeks, little animals and insects can build their nests under the hood. The nests and dead insects could start a fire when the engine heats up.

4. Battery Change

Battery Change


If you failed to use a trickle charger for the battery before parking the car for months, then the battery might be toast already. It might not even make it to the service center. Fortunately for you, trusted car service providers in Dubai can take care of this task with their pick-up arrangement.

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When there’s no reviving the battery anymore, your only option is to purchase a new one, which service centers are stocked with.

5. Deep Cleaning Service

One of the common problems with cars that have been parked in the garage for months is that they accumulate dust. Plus, if you left food and candy wrappers and didn’t wipe food spills in your car, brace yourself for pest infestation as well.

Sign your car up for a deep cleaning service. This typically includes a regular car wash, but it focuses on tidying up the interior. The interior clean-up involves decluttering, wiping everything down, vacuuming the carpets or rugs, washing the upholstery (especially if there are deeply-seated stains), and steaming all the hard elements of the interior to disinfect them properly. Most car service centers also deodorize the interior to banish funky odors.

With a deep cleaning service, your car will look, feel, and smell like new after being cooped up in the garage for a long while.

6. Seat Replacements

Seat Replacements


This may be necessary if your car has leather seats that became moldy due to the trapped moisture inside it. While you can brush away all the molds and kill them off with chlorine bleach, it’s best to replace the moldy seats and other upholstered elements in your car interior.

Molds trigger a variety of health issues, and if you don’t want to risk a flare-up of allergies and other medical conditions, throw out the seats and have fresh new ones installed.

7. Tire Inflation



It’s common for cars’ tires to lose a lot of air if they have been parked for months. Top service centers in the city say that this is usually due to being cold. When the tires aren’t used for a long time, they don’t store heat well, which is vital in keeping the rubber and bead seal tight.

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Meanwhile, cold tires do not expand and contract, which makes the bead seal release air, mainly when there are drastic changes in the weather.

What you need to do here is to have the tires inflated to the right pressure again and washed, and then take the car for a spin afterwards to soften the rubber and refresh the bead seal.

8. Car AC Service

Car AC Service


Air conditioning systems that haven’t been used for a long time can also develop rust. Additionally, they can collect all kinds of debris that can prompt the AC to overwork its motor, but also make the system release malodorous or musty-smelling air.

Get the system back into shape through a car AC service. This will clean up the system and also repair minor damages caused by dust and debris buildup.

Suffice it to say, it’s a lot of work to revive a car that’s been made to sit for a long time. This is why it’s best to entrust the job to professional service providers. They’ll be able to go about everything in an organized way, and you can also trust them to inspect your car meticulously to see if there are more signs of damage to address.

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