2020 Porsche EV Sedan

2020 Porsche EV Sedan – Specs, Design, Performance

There is no denial about the fact electric cars are the future. Because of that there have been a lot more manufacturers joining the movement in the past few years. One of them is Porsche which is quite surprising. In fact not that long ago they released an electric car concept which is said to rival the current biggest electric car manufacturer. This car is the 2020 Porsche EV Sedan which has been confirmed for production not that long ago. The car is set to slot right beneath the Panamera, so it should cost less than $90,000 which would be a very aggressive price for an electric Porsche.

In detail

So far the details are still scarce but it seems the new EV Sedan is going to be based on a new electric car platform. This will feature a skate-like chassis which is quite common with today’s electric cars. Thanks to this the car will feature a really low center of gravity and it should have quite a bit of room inside the cabin despite lacking the size of its larger sibling.

2020 Porsche EV Sedan 7


2020 Porsche EV Sedan Design

At first people said the 2020 Porsche EV Sedan was going to look like a smaller Panamera. However, once Porsche revealed the concept it became clear this is not the case. Instead it actually looks a lot closer to the 918 hybrid hyper-car.

2020 Porsche EV Sedan 3


The EV Sedan boasts a very similar front end to the 918 while from the profile it looks a lot closer to a four-door 911. The car is also quite wide and it even though it has its own design, it definitely looks like a true Porsche. The production model will slightly differ from the concept but it should still get the same aggressive front end, the car-wide tail-light and even the coupe-like shape. Unfortunately the “suicide” rear doors are unlikely but this is to be expected considering the safety regulations.

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Inside the cabin

The concept has four individual carbon fiber backed seats and a dashboard quite similar to that of the hyper-car. It seems the production version of the car could employ at least the same layout as the car released last year. Four seats would allow Porsche to use the center console as storage room for batteries. On top of that it would allow them on focusing on the comfort of the four passengers.

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There will be plenty of space despite being a four-door coupe and at this point it seems the car will also offer a comprehensive amount of features. Most suggest it will get roughly the same features as the Cayman which would make sense considering the price. Unlike the concept, the 2020 Porsche EV Sedan is likely going to ditch the center-stack screen. In its place it might offer a set of physical buttons and more than likely cup-holders which are missing on the concept.

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The powertrain of Porsche EV Sedan 

The EV Sedan is expected to be powered by at least two electric motors, possibly four. These are likely going to offer around 400 horsepower in the base trim level giving the car enough performance to take on pretty much any other electric car on the market. Porsche’s CEO also said the sedan might also receive over-the-air updates to receive extra power, likely available for the lower end models. So far it seems it will be able to drive for over 310 miles on a single charge.

2020 Porsche EV Sedan 4


The recharge time is expected to take right around 15 minutes for 80% charge which is very impressive. Thanks to that alone the EV Sedan will have what it takes to become the leader of its class. Another very interesting feature is the autonomous driving mode. They confirmed the car will come with a Level4 system which basically means the car will be able to drive without human interaction.

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Porsche EV Sedan Video

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