2020 Apple iMaybe

2020 Apple iMaybe – In detail

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Apple is one of the largest companies in the world despite the fact they are a tech company. They are also first in terms of market value which is one of the most impressive feats ever recorded by a private company. However, it now seems that Apple is looking to expand. A few years back rumors about an Apple car started to emerge but more recently these rumored turned into facts. Apple started to hire battery engineers and automation engineers. It seems they are looking to release a car quite soon. This car, so far dubbed the 2020 Apple iMaybe, is set to be built in cooperation with BMW.

In detail

Most rumors suggest the iMaybe could be built on the same platform as the BMW i3. This means a carbon fiber highly modular tub which would easily accommodate a different body. This would allow Apple to focus on what they do best, technology. The iMaybe is set to come with autonomous driving features and it seems it will be a highly connected car. The price hasn’t been revealed for now but if we take a short look at their products, it is safe to assume the iMaybe is not going to be cheap. Luckily though, even with a high price tag the car may still be well worth the money in which case Apple will definitely become the largest company in the world.

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2020 Apple iMaybe Design

Nothing official has been released up to this point. Despite that there are plenty of renders of the 2020 Apple iMaybe. Most people seem to think the car will look a lot like an i3 but slightly longer and possibly wider. While this is entirely possible, we wouldn’t be so sure about it.

2020 Apple iMaybe


In fact we expect Apple to build a four-door coupe because this is what works at this point in time. With the correct price tag the iMaybe would have no problems becoming the best selling electric car in the world. Some also suggest that the company could decide to use design cues from their electronics on their car. However, we wouldn’t be so sure about this.

Inside the cabin

The interior of the 2020 Apple iMaybe is likely going to be a completely different story. We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple decides to use the same level of craftsmanship used on their devices. Straight-cut aluminum surfaces, real leather, glass and sapphire screens and even premium plastics on some buttons are to be expected throughout the cabin.

2020 Apple iMaybe2


There will likely be enough room for up to 4 passengers. It also seems Apple might focus on offering a unique driving experience alongside an autonomous driving mode. The driver will be fully connected to the internet and the car will likely be able to receive over-the-air updates.

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The powertrain of 2020 Apple iMaybe

The iMaybe is definitely going to be an electric car. A gas engine has been rumored at first but it was quickly dismissed. An electric vehicle would give Apple an edge over some of their rivals and it should allow the car to succeed. The details are still scarce but we can expect an all wheel drive vehicle with a moderate amount of power. The most important aspect of the car will be its range and the autonomous driving mode.

2020 Apple iMaybe3


Considering Apple hired so many car-related engineers, it is safe to assume they are looking to offer a unique experience. More than 400 miles on a single charge should be attainable. On top of that the car might get a rather short recharge time in order to be able to compete. The autonomous system is likely going to be a Level4 unit in which case it will allow the car to travel without any driver input.

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2020 Apple iMaybe 250x166

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