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2019 BMW X7 – Has Been Finally Confirmed

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BMW was the first company to release a high performance SUV with the X5. However, they have been left behind by most other manufacturers at this point. Why? Well, while they do have a 5-seats offering on the market, they don’t really have a 7-seats crossover able to compete with the other manufacturers. This is about to change in the near future as the new 2019 BMW X7 has been finally confirmed. BMW announced a short while ago that they are going to release the new X7 at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is set to be the German manufacturer’s first seven seats crossover and it will become their new flagship model for their crossover range of cars.

In detail – BMW X7 2019

Not many details are known about it at this point. Despite that it is safe to assume the new X7 will be based on BMW’s OKL chassis which used their CLAR architecture. This is the same platform that can also be found under the new 7 Series. Thanks to that we can expect a relatively lightweight SUV with a low center of gravity and great torsional rigidity.

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From most spy shots we have seen so far it looks like the new X7 will be just as wide as the 7 Series but it seems to have a longer wheelbase and it is definitely taller and longer. Even so, thanks to the use of aluminum and carbon composites the X7 won’t be much heavier than the ongoing X5 or X6.

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2019 BMW X7 design

Even though the completed design will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the car’s spy shots give us a good idea about how it will look. For starters, it seems like in the front of the 2019 BMW X7 we are going to see the same large kidney grille and rather slim headlights as on the new 7 Series.

2019 BMW X7e


However, the bumper seems to boast larger air intakes while the fenders to seem wider as well. The back of the X7 will likely be somewhat similar to that of the X5. Expect a roof-spoiler, a modular tailgate as well as a similar set of tail lights to those found on BMW’s newest models. Some spy shots also revealed a second fuel-flap which likely suggests a hybrid model will be released at a later date.

Inside the cabin

Even though the 2019 BMW X7 is set to become the flagship of the range, we don’t expect any major differences over the smaller X5 and X6. In fact the dashboard, instrument cluster, most of the equipment and the two front seats are likely going to be shared among the three cars.

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However, the X7 is more than likely going to receive a set of modular middle seats and it will receive an extra third row of seats. This will more than likely be able to fold completely flat on all models which could mean the hybrid will store its batteries under the floor instead of under the trunk.

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2019 BMW X7 Engine and Specs

The base model of the X7 is expected to receive a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline 6 offering over 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. A 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 with as much as 550 horsepower might also be offered on the higher end models. These two are expected to be the main sellers across the world. The car is also set to receive a hybrid which will likely combine a 2.0 liter turbo-four with a set of electric motors. A 3.0 liter diesel, with up to 4 turbochargers, is also expected to be offered in select markets. All versions are set to come with all wheel drive as well as with an automatic gearbox as standard. Due to having not much weight over the X5, the X7 is likely going to maintain the athletic character of its smaller siblings.


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2019 BMW X7 1 250x166

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