2019 BMW 9 Series

2019 BMW 9 Series – Become One of the Faster Cars in Its Class

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Not that long ago BMW revealed the all new Concept 8 Series, a car which is set to go into production as the 8 Series in the near future. However, it seems this might not be BMW’s only new car. Rumors say a second model might be in the works and it may be released as the 2019 BMW 9 Series. So far not much has been revealed about this car but rumors about it date all the way back in 2014. Back then it seems people thought the car was going to be a four-door coupe. Well, considering the upcoming 8 Series will be a two-door car we won’t be surprised if the 9 Series is real.

In detail

Just like the coupe, the four-door 9 Series is set to be based on BMW’s CLAR architecture. This means it will use an aluminum intensive structure with carbon fiber inserts in key areas of the chassis. The end result should be a considerably stiffer structure than a regular aluminum platform while also being slightly lighter.

2019 BMW 9 Series


The car is expected to use the same running gear as the coupe and it might just become BMW’s flagship car alongside the 8 Series. The price or release date are still unknown at this point but we wouldn’t be surprised if it will be released a year after the coupe.

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 BMW 9 Series design

The early renders of the 2019 BMW 9 Series show a four-door coupe with design cues taken from BMW’s older cars. However, this design wouldn’t really work now. Because of that the car is likely going to share most of its look with the coupe.

2019 BMW 9 Series4


This is also the case with some of BMW’s other cars and we don’t see it change anytime soon. However, the 9 Series will boast a longer wheelbase, it will be longer and it might be wider as well. The car is likely going to get a roof-line similar to the 8 Series but some of its design traits might be shared with the 7 Series too.

On the interior

Even though the car is just a rumor, there is no question about the fact the 9 Series will get a mostly identical interior to the coupe. Unlike most of BMW’s other older cars, the two new cars will get a much wider center stack, a cleaner dashboard sporting just a single infotainment screen as well as more impressive materials than before.

2019 BMW 9 Series3


The car is expected to be able to accommodate up to 4 passengers which would truly make it a four-door coupe. Despite the raked roof-line, the car will more than likely be able to offer limousine-levels of space inside which will allow it to stand out in a class already cluttered by many other great cars.

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2019 BMW 9 Series Engine 

Some rumors suggest the 2019 BMW 9 Series will feature quite a few engines. This is likely going to be true because people love to have a choice. The base model of the sedan might be powered by a 3.0 liter twin-turbo inline 6 with north of 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. One of BMW’s older V8 engines offering over 500 horsepower is also a real possibility. In order to breach the higher end market, BMW is also going to offer a V12 engine.

It seems the car could be powered by their twin-turbo V12. This uses an old design but it is known to make over 600 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, more than enough to allow the 9 Series to become one of the faster cars in its class. An 8 speed automatic and all wheel drive will likely be standard across the range while a rear wheel drive version might be skipped altogether.

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2019 BMW 9 Series1 250x166

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