2018 Toyota 4Runner

2018 Toyota 4Runner – New Design

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The 4Runner has been around for a while at this point and a new model is already overdue. Even though most rumors suggested a 2017 revision, it seems that this wasn’t true. Instead, the new version of the car might arrive with the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. So far there is very little official information about the successor of the rugged crossover. It seems that Toyota wants to offer a more complete package with better fuel consumption and a more civilized ride quality. This could easily be achieved with a unibody design. Luckily though, we are quite sure at this point the new model will stick to its body-on frame design.

2018 Toyota 4Runner details

This type of construction allows the 4Runner to be as rugged as it gets without being all that heavy. On top of that, thanks to its separate chassis, the crossover is usually considerably better in off-road than most of its rivals. The new model will likely receive the new running gear found under the Tacoma as well as the new chassis.

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This should allow it to save up to 200 pounds over the older model while adding a much better ride on paved roads. The 4Runner might receive a fully independent suspension with coil springs in the rear. Also, as an option a self-leveling suspension has been rumored for a while. These will likely drive the price up but the base model should still hover right around $35,000.

The design

Even though the current car is still good, most agree that it looks terrible. Things are about to change with the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. It is a well known fact Toyota is listening to their customers and they are trying to please them. Most people want a rugged-looking crossover like the 4Runner but without all the flashy bits.

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Because of that, expect the new generation to be more streamlined and likely offer a design closer to that of the Tacoma. We expect a slimmer grille, a bumper that will allow an even larger approach angle as well as a less boxy look. All of these should transform the 4Runner in the crossover it was always meant to be.

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The interior

Even though it isn’t perfect, the current car didn’t disappoint with its cabin. It was well made and appointed, there was plenty of things to like and it offered a good amount of comfort. The new 2018 Toyota 4Runner will likely improve on some aspects.

2018 Toyota 4Runner2

For starters, the driving position might be slightly pushed back due to the new chassis and design. On top of that, most of the interior might be shared with the Tacoma which is not exactly a bad thing. This would add a cleaner looking dashboard, a much better infotainment system, better seats and better materials. These would easily allow the 4Runner to dominate its class.

The engine

The ongoing model gets an ancient 4 liter naturally aspirated V6 with 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque. While it was reliable, the engine barely got 18 MPG on average which is worse than some V8-powered trucks. Because of that, it will more than likely be replaced with Toyota’s new 3.5 liter port and direct injected V6.

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This naturally aspirated mill makes in the Tacoma 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque which is close enough. Some did suggest it may receive a bump in output soon after release but even if it won’t, the engine will have to move less mass through a much better 6 speed automatic. Because of that the performance should be better while the towing capacity will likely remain the same as before. The fuel consumption will be the largest improvement with an expected 20 to 21 MPG on average.

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2018 Toyota 4Runner 250x166

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