2018 Lamborghini Urus SUV Concept and Price

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2018 Lamborghini SUV 250x166

Lamborghini, automaker mostly known for their high performance sports cars and grand tourers is planning on venturing into entirely different niche. While they already had LM002, all-wheel drive pickup, 2018 Lamborghini Urus SUV, most likely called Urus, will be their very first crossover.

2018 Lamborghini  Urus SUV Concept

There’s still plenty of time, but seems like 2018 Lamborghini Urus SUV will be powered by 4.0L twin turbocharged V-8 engine as only turbos could add much needed torque. Either turbo or diesel, that is, but latter option is highly unlikely.

2018 Lamborghini SUV1 600x391

2018 Lamborghini SUV Front

However, there’s another option which could be considered. Future Lamborghini SUV might even be a hybrid. Combining internal combustion engine with electrical power always fares well in high-performance models. There’s otherwise no info about the rest of Lambo’s drivetrain, but expect mandatory all-wheel drive and highly advanced automatic transmission.

We can guess how 2018 Lamborghini SUV will look like. After all, it is a crossover, and most luxury crossovers look alike. Still, one might never know with the Italians. Urus should resemble Porsche Cayenne. At least, that ‘s supposed to be the car with closest design.

2018 Lamborghini SUV2 600x344

2018 Lamborghini SUV Interior

This basically means that Lamborghini SUV’s body will be much sleeker than it is the case with Aventador, for instance. Apart from open-mouth frontal fascia, sharp headlamps and large, exotic wheels, you can expect lot of air intakes and pronounced creases. Urus concept was quite like it and production-ready model shouldn’t stray too far away from that path.

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Like any other Lamborghini, future SUV models will exhibit premium amount of refinement. Their interiors will most likely be even more luxurious than it is the case with Lamborghini’s current, sport fleet. Don’t expect concept’s futuristic cabin, but expect high-end materials like natural wood, carbon fiber, premium leather including suede and Alcantara, and chrome.

While 2018 Lamborghini SUV promises to be spacious and comfy, rear passengers might still find that lack of headroom ruins the atmosphere. However, production model might lose concept’s sloping roofline and offer flat one.


2018 Lamborghini SUV Side

As already mentioned, there’s still plenty of time before 2018 and who knows what kind of tech advancements we should expect. Still, we don’t have any doubts that Lamborghini SUV will offer everything there is to offer in order to compete with most exotic SUV’s around, like Bentley SUV, Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG.

We don’t have any illusions about future Lamborghini’s SUV. It won’t be fuel-efficient at all with biturbo V-8 mill under its hood. Even hybrid powertrain won’t be able to tame all those horses which are supposed to move it.

2018 Lamborghini SUV5 600x401

2018 Lamborghini SUV Front

2018 Lamborghini SUV Price

There’s still no info about its possible price tag, but knowing Lamborghini, their only crossover probably won’t be offered for less than $150,000. Even that seems somewhat low, and $200,000 might be the right price.

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2018 Lamborghini SUV represents iconic Italian automaker’s second foray into off-road markets. Judging by Urus concept, it seems that they could pull it off with ease. However, there’s a lot of obstacles on Lamborghini SUV’s road to glory, and hefty price tag for a niche car might be the biggest of them. While people don’t mind paying $200,000 for a hypercar, they might mind paying the hefty sum for a crossover.

2018 Lamborghini SUV4 600x401

2018 Lamborghini SUV Back

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2018 Lamborghini SUV 250x166

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