2018 BMW M4

2018 BMW M4 Facelift

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Throughout the years BMW’s high performance M3 coupe has changed tremendously. Originally only sold as a two-door, the car received a four-door version with the E36 model. More than a decade later the only available M3 is the four-door. The two door has been completely replaced by the M4 which is nothing more than just a two-door M3 but with a different name. BMW did this move in order to come up with a better name for their Audi RS5 competitor. The end result is a large, fast and quite comfortable high performance coupe. Unfortunately the car has very little in common with the original. It is not as fun to drive neither as full of character.

More details

Despite all of that it still sells better than most of its rivals. Why? Well, BMW somehow found the recipe for the perfect compromise. Despite not being as pure as the original, it is a much nicer car to live with. They made it even nicer with the latest update.

2018 BMW M4

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The 2018 BMW M4 has been revealed a few days ago and it comes with a few minor upgrades aimed to make it an even better everyday car. It will become available for sale this spring and it should cost similar to the older model. The coupe should still hover around $67,000 with the convertible being expected at over $75,000.

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2018 BMW M4 design

The 2018 BMW M4 facelift is a lot more subtle than we expected. While the regular 4 Series did receive quite a few updates, the M4 is mostly identical to the older model. It gets the same bumpers, grilles, wheels and colors. The only changes are the lights.

2018 BMW M4d

source: caranddriver.com

In the front it gets more angular LED headlights that automatically swivel during a corner. The rear also gets new LED tail lights which seem to be a lot more similar to those found on the larger BMW cars. Unfortunately a four-door coupe M4 is still unavailable and it will likely never be.

The interior

BMW somehow departed from the great sporty-feeling interior of its older models. Instead, the latest M4 gets a massive amount of chrome over the previous model, illuminated “M” logos on the seats as well as contrasting stitching on the top of the instrument panel.

2018 BMW M4f

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All of these unnecessarily make the interior feel too cluttered. The only real upgrade here is the infotainment system. Despite being the same size as before, BMW added their brand new unit. This features a better resolution screen, a faster hardware and a better software with considerably better graphics.

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The engine of BMW M4 2018

Throughout the years the M3, and later the M4, received numerous engines from an inline 4 all the way to a V8. The 2018 BMW M4 features the same 3 liter twin-turbocharged inline 6 as the previous model. This features water-to-air intercoolers to save as much space as possible and to run cool all the time with more ease, even in traffic.

2018 BMW M4c

source: caranddriver.com

The end result is an engine that makes 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. BMW will also be offering the Competition package. This will bump the output of the engine to 444 horsepower with the same torque rating. This package will also include a revised stability control program, an electronic limited slip differential as well as 20-inch black wheels which are unique to it.

All of these will give the Competition model an edge but it will take away from the overall usability of the car. The GTS model is also expected to return for 2018 with the same water-injected engine as before. BMW will continue to offer the car with the 6-speed manual gearbox or with the insanely fast 7 speed dual-clutch automatic.

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2018 BMW M4 Video

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2018 BMW M4b 250x166

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