2018 BMW M2

2018 BMW M2 – High Performance Coupe

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2018 BMW M2d 250x166

The M2 has been released not that long ago and it quickly became BMW’s best selling high performance coupe. In fact the car has been regarded as the best BMW currently on the market as it offers the perfect balance between power and weight. Thanks to that it has been called a modern-day E30 M3 which is actually not that far from the truth. In order to make it even better they decided to release a revision for it. The 2018 BMW M2 is set to receive an extensive list of parts which are likely going to be available for the current and future owners. These parts will be sold as part of an M-performance package and it seems they will only make the M2 that more appealing.

In detail

Because the new parts are the only real upgrades to the car it means the new M2 is mostly identical to its predecessor. This means it still has the same running gear and that it is still based on the older chassis. However, this is not that bad. In fact it allows the car to retain that great set of driving characteristics which allowed it to be as successful as it is to date.

2018 BMW M2


The price for the upgrades hasn’t been revealed but it is safe to assume they won’t come cheap. Considering the base M2 starts at around $53,000, it makes it one of the most expensive cars in its class. On top of that, the added price of the parts would make it as expensive as the M4 which may not be worth it for some. However, for most other people the car’s driving experience will be more than enough to warrant its success.

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2018 BMW M2 design

The new  2018 BMW M2 looks the same as before but the new M-Division Performance Package will add quite a few new extras. For starters, this package adds quite a bit of carbon fiber into the mix. It brings into the mix a black kidney grille as well as black side grilles. The car also received new mirror caps, front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, trunk wing and M-Performance door sills, all made out of carbon fiber.

2018 BMW M2h


The wheels were previously available on the car so no changes here. However, the car can be had in a new Mineral Grey color which was previously available only on the larger M4. With that BMW will also offer a set of stickers in the traditional M-colors. In the rear the car also received an active exhaust system with carbon fiber tips and a remote that will allow the driver to open the flaps on it.

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Inside the cabin

As expected, most of the interior looks the same as before but the BMW M2 does feature a lot of upgrades here as well. For starters, all the usual gloss-black and aluminum inserts have been replaced by matte carbon fiber which really stands out.

2018 BMW M2n


This is not the usual textured surface we are used to see but rather a smooth carbon-fiber weave. The steering wheel is now wrapped in Alcantara and it features a blue-strip on-center while the dashboard and seats have been wrapped in leather with contrasting blue stitching. Unfortunately BMW is still not going to offer a better set of seats but this might change in the near future.

BMW M2 2018 Engine 

The revised 2018 BMW M2 Performance Package comes with the same engine as before which is understandable. This gives the car the perfect balance between power and weight and giving it more power would ruin the balance. Unlike the M4 the one in the M2 boasts a single-turbocharger setup which manages to squeeze up to 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque.

2018 BMW M2a


The latter is achieved at less than 1,500 rpm. An overboost function will take the engine’s output to 369 lb-ft of torque at little over 1,500 rpm which is very impressive considering the engine’s size. All of that power is set through the rear wheels via a 7 speed dual-clutch automatic.

2018 BMW M2e


Luckily enough a limited slip differential is available as standard which really elevates the car drives. The only real drawback we see with it are the brakes. These do offer great stopping power but the brakes are rather hard to modulate while the pedal feel is not as good as it should be.

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2018 BMW M2d 250x166

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