2018 BMW M2 CS

2018 BMW M2 CS – Get a New Look

The M2 is one of the best sports cars money can buy today and the true successor to the original E30 M3. However, the car is not exactly perfect. For starters, it offers pretty much the same amount of performance as the lesser M240i and worse performance than the xDrive M240i which is not good for the top of the line model. On top of that, it is not as good in terms of handling as some of its rivals which will have to be sorted out. The good news is that a new version of the 2 Series is going to be released next year and it will likely be first showcased in January in Detroit. The new car will get a new look, likely a revised set of engines as well as an improved interior. All of these should make it a slightly better buy than before while maintaining all the core values of the model.

In detail

The M2 is the top end model of the 2 Series which is basically the same car as the 1 Series only offered in a different body style. Even if the car is not called the M3, it is the successor for the original small M3 such as the E30, 36 and 46. This is because it is roughly the same size as the three cars and offers similar levels of performance as well.

2018 BMW M2 CS 6

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However, it is not as good as the Cayman for example and that will have to change. In order to make it happen, a new model might be released with the 2018 BMW M2 CS. This high performance version of the car will be in direct competition with the Cayman GT4 which will be quite interesting to see. The price is unknown at this point but considering the base M2 currently costs $52,000, it is safe to assume it will be closer to $60,000.

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Is there a market for it?

Like we said, the M2 is not as fast as some of its lesser models which is unusual, especially for a sports car. In order to solve some of these issues, the 2018 BMW M2 CS is going to receive more power and a revised running gear.

2018 BMW M2 CS 5

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On top of that, the new generation M2 might also receive a new engine to depart itself from the M240i which is as fast, or faster for the AWD model, than it. The CS will likely appeal to those wanting the best possible driving experience while not giving away anything.

The looks

Even if the CS has not been revealed by BMW, the car has been spied testing on the Nurburgring a few times so far. The one seen was nothing but a test mule but it has some of the changes we are going to see on the new version. The bumper will get larger air intakes for the lower part as well as some interesting aerodynamic flaps which seem to direct air towards the brakes. On top of that, the rear end seems to boast wider fenders as well as a different exhaust system, more similar to that on the E46 M3.

2018 BMW M2 CS 7

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There is no wing on the prototype but most rumors suggest that the production model will get one. The car will also receive unique wheels, wider rear tires and more than likely a stickier compound for them. Expect it to come in a few unique colors to stand out from the regular M2. The interior will more than likely feature just two seats with the rear seats being removed to make room for a roll-cage. Besides that, Alcantara will likely be used as upholstery while the seats will more than likely be upgraded to those found in the M4 GTS.

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Under the hood

Instead of using the regular N55 engine from the M2, the 2018 BMW M2 CS is more than likely going to use the S55 engine which is currently found in the M3 and M4. This engine features two turbochargers, a revised engine block, a lightweight crankshaft, new pistons, valves and intercoolers as well as two fuel pumps and a new exhaust.

The end result should be closer to 400 horsepower and north of 400 lb-ft of torque. This would finally allow the M2 to depart from the M240i and give it enough oomph to outrun the Cayman which has been its largest rival since launch.

2018 BMW M2 CS Video

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