2018 BMW i8

2018 BMW i8 Release date and Price

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As strange as it might seem to get worked up over a car that hasn’t even been made yet, the new 2018 BMW i8 is one of those times when we just have to say: “let’s do this thing”. This is more than just an iteration of one of the finest car manufacturing brands in the world – this is history in the making.

This supercar is likely to boast some of the lightest and sturdiest materials known to the automotive industry, as well as spearheading the whole “green supercar” concept.

2018 BMW i8d

2018 BMW i8  Release Date

The release date is probably in 2018, but there is no indication as to the exact date.

Price for 2018 BMW i8

There is no exact price tag on the 2018 BMW i8, but previous models sold for roughly $136,000 for the base version, so this should at least give us a price range.

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2018 BMW i8e

Exterior of  BMW i8

When we are talking about the exterior of the 2018 BMW i8, the first thing that pops to mind is its construction.

Since the company is gunning for the eco-friendly audience and garnering publicity, they had to employ more aluminum for the chassis and carbon fibers for the main body than ever before. Furthermore, the whole car architecture has been tweaked for two things.

2018 BMW i8f

One is speed and the other is sheer awesomeness. The overall aggressive vibe belies the notion of what eco-friendly cars are supposed to look, sound or feel like. The futuristic feeling you get when looking at the doors and grille almost make you feel old. Almost.

BMW i8  Interior

As for the interior of the 2018 BMW i8, we need to keep in mind that no car of this series has been produced yet, so there is no way of knowing what they are going to look like from the inside.

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2018 BMW i8h

However, given the price and the class, it stands to reason that the choice of materials for the upholstery and dashboard is not going to disappoint. We are talking about fine leather all the way to the steering wheel. Infotainment, connectivity and other gadgets are not going to be neglected, either.

2018 BMW i8  Engine

However, the most interesting part of the 2018 BMW i8 has to be its engine and what it is capable of on the road. Sadly, this most coveted piece of information has yet to be revealed, and all we have to go on are rumors.

2018 BMW i8i

Earlier models featured a combo consisting of a 1.5 L engine with three cylinders and an electric motor. What they all amounted to was 362 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, propelling this bad boy from zero to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

The top speed was 155 mph, which is not too shabby to say the least. Rumors are rampant about a 2.0 L inline engine with 320 hp in its own right plus 204 ponies from the electric motor.

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The other reportedly packs 3.0 L and 480 hp, but only 109 ponies on the electric motor. They also speak of a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission, although this has yet to be confirmed.


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2018 BMW i8 250x166

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