2018 BMW I3

2018 BMW I3 Price

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It is still too early to know much about the 2018 BMW I3, but there are some rumors afloat and here is what they say.

Release Date

The release date has not been set, but it would probably be in late 2017.

2018 BMW I3j

2018 BMW I3 Price

The price is also a head-scratcher. On one hand, this is an electric car, but on the other, it was meant to be affordable, so $40-45,000 is a good estimate, for now.


The 2018 BMW I3 is not going to receive any styling awards, but this car is not supposed to make you look cool in the same way as those sports cars that use way too much fuel and stuff…

This makes you cool in the “save the Earth” kind of way – trust me, this is as good as it is going to feel. The look is a bit futuristic and round, but then again, you are not going to win any races either.

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2018 BMW I3i

It’s aerodynamic, built for city driving and it works. It has five doors and small dimensions for squeezing into parking spaces that would otherwise be unavailable.

Other than a new paint scheme, BMW are not going to put a lot more into this car, or so the rumors go.

Interior of BMW I3

The 2018 BMW I3 will be able to accommodate four passengers with lots of luggage space and foldable rear seats.

The old trim levels of Mega, Giga and Tera are likely to return, with new materials for the innovative Deka trim (well, recycled materials technically but who cares) and new wood accents for the Tera and Giga.

2018 BMW I3k

Of course, leather on the steering wheel is obligatory while the electric moonroof is optional. Other features include keyless entry, automatic A/C unit, cruise control, parking assist, navigation etc.

The infotainment is provided via the iDrive system complete with its own Remote App.

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The engine choice of the 2018 BMW I3 is not exactly common knowledge at this time, but the old AC electric motor with three phases would be the safe bet here, albeit slightly improved.

Like with the previous versions, it will be mounted in the rear, so it could administer its 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque more efficiently using a transmission with only one speed.

2018 BMW I3h

This means the I3 was able to reach 60 mph in roughly 7 seconds, and this record might be beat in the future. However, this is not a fast car, nor is it allowed to be; its speed is locked at 93 mph, most likely for safety reasons. It should get 100 miles on 27 kWh of electricity.

However, if this is not enough, the old battery with a 0.65 L 2-cylinder combustion engine can add some power, along the main engine and start running once the battery is at less than 10% to keep it running for as long as possible.

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Unfortunately, all this added weight also did a number on driving specs, so it is going to accelerate slightly slower and perform less admirably in some respects.

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2018 BMW I3e 250x166

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