2017 Volkswagen Arteon

2017 Volkswagen Arteon – a New Name

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Despite going through a name change, the current VW CC has been around ever since 2008. It was first called the Passat CC and it was later renamed the CC. VW did this move in order to give the car its own identity. They even revised its design a couple of times but the end result was too similar to the Passat, so some people never actually liked it that much. However, it became clear that Volkswagen wants something new after they released the Sport Coupe Concept back in 2015. The car was supposed to be the preview for the upcoming CC but the development slowed down due to the problems they had with the diesel scandal.

More details

A few years down the road we are a lot closer to the car’s release. For the second time, the CC is going to receive a new name. The new model is going to be released as the 2017 Volkswagen Arteon, a brand new vehicle which will have even less in common with the Passat. The car will continue to use the same MQB platform as the regular Passat.

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Unfortunately the MLB Evo, which was initially rumored, is only available on the Audi A4 and its larger siblings. The MQB allows the Arteon to have a stubby low front end and a really long wheelbase. The end result is more space inside the cabin without having to sacrifice the looks of the car. The price is still unknown but an inside source confirmed it will be more expensive than its predecessor. This means that it will more than likely cost over $35,000 which is already Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series territory.

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2017 Volkswagen Arteon design

One of the strongest selling points of the 2017 VW Arteon will be the way it looks. Somehow they managed to take something that looks good and transform it into something incredible. Even though VW hasn’t officially unveiled the Arteon, it is quite clear how it will look.

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It seems that the 2015 concept car is very close to the production model which is really unusual. In the front it will boast a considerably larger grille than the Passat, really slim headlights and a low front end. The back seems to be pretty much identical to the 2015 concept. Instead of the long and curvy look of the CC the Arteon is a lot edgier and feels a lot more like a true four-door coupe.

The interior

The minimalist design currently found in the Passat is more than likely going to find its way into the 2017 VW Arteon. Even though the latter is a more premium vehicle, the basic design is unlikely going to change between the two.

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The Arteon will feature slightly more legroom but less headroom due to its low roof line. The dashboard might also receive a new center console which will better fit the Arteon’s lower overall cabin.

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The engines of Volkswagen Arteon 2017

The US model of the car is going to get a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine which is expected to offer around 270 horsepower. Instead of the old dual-clutch automatic, the Arteon’s only transmission will be an eight speed automatic with a torque converter. This will be provided by Aisin and it is expected to be used on the European model as well.

However, this version of the car is also expected with a six speed manual. The European market will likely receive at least a petrol alternative as well as at least two diesel engines. Expect the output of this model to range from around 190 horsepower and all the way up to around 240 horsepower, the exception being the US engine which should be offered on the top of the range version in Europe.

2017 Volkswagen Arteon Video

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2017 Volkswagen Arteon7 250x166

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