2017 Toyota GT86

2017 Toyota GT86 finally came in the UK

After the new GT86 has been released in Japan and previewed for the US market, the car finally came in the UK as well as the rest of Europe. Even though the 2017 Toyota GT86 is very similar to the Japanese model released a few months back, there are some notable differences between them. Because it was originally released back in 2012, many people expected it to receive a much more consisted update.

However, the new GT86 is close to identical to the older model with the most amount of changes being inside the cabin. Toyota chose to do this in order to improve the driving experience and make it a slightly better choice than before.

2017 Toyota GT86i

The chassis

The car still rides on the exact same platform as before. However, Toyota didn’t left it unchanged. In order to increase the structural rigidity of the car, improve the NVH levels and basically make a stiffer overall car, they added a lot more spot-welds to the back of the car.

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On top of that, some of the beams of the unibody chassis have been made stronger. Sure, this adds a bit of weight to the car but it should also improve the way it drives considerably. In order to compensate for the added weight, Toyota tweaked the shocks and springs extensively.

2017 Toyota GT86a

These have now been tuned for better handling and much better overall comfort. It still remains to be seen how good it actually is but if the Japanese model is anything to go by then it will be truly fantastic.

Its price hasn’t changed all that much with the base model starting at just under £26,000 while the top end “Pro” version with the automatic costing a bit over £28,600.

Under the hood

Both the Japanese model and its US counterpart of the 2017 Toyota GT86 received lower friction internals, tweaked intake and exhausts systems as well as a better ECU.

However, it seems that the UK version of the car didn’t receive any of these. The 2 liter naturally aspirated flat-four engine still makes 197 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque.

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This is identical to the car released back in 2012 and it is a bit disappointing. The six speed manual gearbox, the six speed automatic as well as the limited slip differential have all been carried over unchanged as well.

2017 Toyota GT86c

Also, mostly due to the added weight, the UK model is expected to be slightly slower than the original version. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people but it does take from the sporty character of the car.

We still hope that a turbocharged version of the engine will eventually be installed but considering where Toyota is going, this is highly unlikely at this point.

The design – on the inside and on the outside

Like we previously mentioned, the 2017 Toyota GT86 did receive a lot of attention inside the cabin. Here the instrument cluster is all new and features a new rev meter with the peak-power RPM being moved right at the top of the dial.

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2017 Toyota GT86e

On top of that there is a larger 4.2 inch screen right in the middle of the two dials which will provide information about the car to the driver. The center stack has been revised heavily as well and it now features a lot less buttons than before.

Also, there is a new standard 6.1 inch touch screen infotainment system which should be miles better than the older unit. False-carbon fiber accents as well as aluminum pedals come with the base model. The seats have been improved slightly as well over the previous generation.

2017 Toyota GT86g

The exterior of the GT86 features a new bumper, new headlights which now include the signals as well and also a small splitter. At the back the changes are a bit more striking with a small spoiler and a more aggressive diffuser.

2017 Toyota GT86 Video

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