2017 Toyota Avanza

2017 Toyota Avanza Price

From the looks of things, the new 2017 Toyota Avanza is going to woo the ever-increasing client base with some serious improvements and great deals. With a wide array of components designed to make your life easier, it is hard not to pay attention to this fine piece of Japanese engineering.

Release Date of  Toyota Avanza 2017

There is still no official release date for the 2017 Toyota Avanza, as these models tend to appear in Asia first and everywhere else second – not that they are not worth the wait, mind you. Still, the end of 2016 is a good time to expect one of these in the nearest showroom.

2017 Toyota Avanza2

2017 Toyota Avanza Price

Toyota has built a reputation for reliable and affordable vehicles, so the new Avanza will have to stay true to the tradition.

This means roughly $20,000 for the base version – $25,000 for the higher trims and possibly a little extra if you go wild on additional equipment.

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The exterior of the new 2017 Toyota Avanza is not going to feature that many changes in comparison to earlier models, with slightly similar dimensions and lighter materials which should help improve the handling, fuel efficiency and reduce the overall weight even further, without jeopardizing the safety of the driver and the other occupants.

2017 Toyota Avanza3

The new grille is going to be more elegant and accompanied by matching LED headlights for improved visibility and overall impression, and who doesn’t like things like new fog lights. The wheels are going to be 14 inches in diameter for the regular version, with 15-inch alternative being optional.

The overall style in the rear is going to be completed by some new taillights as well as a brand new back guard.

Toyota Avanza Interior

Inside, the new 2017 Toyota Avanza is going to be as comfortable and enjoyable as Toyota gets, which is actually a very good thing. For such a small vehicle, the amount of space on the inside is pretty impressive, with up to seven people being able to fit inside.

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2017 Toyota Avanza7

The main panel has been lowered slightly to facilitate better visibility for the driver and the selection of materials is going to be quite diverse. From cloth and plastic to metal and leather, it all depends on the wants and needs of the customer in question.

Connectivity has not been neglected either, with numerous USB ports, Bluetooth and optional Wi-Fi. Other neat features include power windows, sound system, a double zone atmospheric control system and all sorts of safety features.

Engine of 2017 Toyota Avanza

The engine options of the 2017 Toyota Avanza are going to be anything to scoff at, with advanced fuel efficiency as well as the new ecological standards for the rest of the industry to follow.

Unfortunately, this means the power output is going to be relatively modest, but it will get the job done and save on fuel costs, which is all that matters after all is said and done.

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This 1.5 L gasoline engine is going to feature the VVT-i system, along with 190 horsepower and all that matted to a five-speed manual transmission for optimum performance.

Toyota Avanza Video

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