2017 Range Rover Sport Coupe

2017 Range Rover Sport Coupe – With Camouflage on It

Even though they have been one of the first luxury crossovers manufacturers, Range Rover missed the train for coupe-like luxury crossovers. BMW, Mercedes and now Maserati all have high performance offerings out there while the English company doesn’t. However, it seems that this might change in the near future. Back in 2016 we have seen a camouflaged Range Rover Sport which seemed to be a bit more different than the usual car. It boasted a slightly wider stance while the rear was all new. It seems that this model was more than just a development mule for the Land Rover Discovery. In fact it was a development mule for the upcoming 2017 Range Rover Sport Coupe.

More details

The car is currently in the development stage and it has not been confirmed by a Range Rover official up to this point. Despite that it is quite clear that it is more than just a Range Rover Sport with camouflage on it. While some rumors suggested that it will be based on the Sport, this is highly unlikely.

2017 Range Rover Sport Coupe13

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Instead, the Sport Coupe is more than likely using the same chassis as the Jaguar F-Pace. This is lighter, stiffer and considerably better on the road. Thanks to the new platform, the Sport Coupe should be considerably cheaper than the Sport.

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In fact, it seems that it will be positioned right between the Range Rover Sport and the smaller Evoque. Because of that the price should hover around $60,000 which is in the upper limit of its class.

2017 Range Rover Sport Coupe Video

Even though the car has only been seen with camouflage, it is quite clear where the production version is heading. The one spotted on video seemed to be pretty much production ready which further makes us think that a 2017 release is a real possibility.

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When it was first seen back in 2016 the Sport Coupe featured a fake roof and a fake rear end. The car spotted on video didn’t have the fake roof so it was clearly lower than the regular Range Rover Sport. On top of that, its rear end seemed to be heavily covered with camouflage which might suggest a more aggressive roof-rake than first thought.

2017 Range Rover Sport Coupe2

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Over the regular model it also sports trapezoidal exhausts, it seems to boast a rear diffuser while the rear hatch door seems to be taken straight out of the F-Pace. There is no word about its interior so far. Despite that there are strong suggestions about it featuring an entirely new design scheme. This would eventually be used on their future models such as the upcoming Evoque.

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Under the hood

Being based on the same chassis as the F-Pace, it means that the 2017 Range Rover Sport Coupe will get to use an extensive range of engines. It still is unclear if a turbocharged four-cylinder Ingenium will be used. However, considering the price we would tend to believe that Range Rover will go straight to the 3 liter supercharged V6. This makes 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque which is right around where its competitors are. A 5 liter supercharged V8 is also a possibility which would allow it to compete with cars like the X6 or the . Thanks to the Jaguar-based platform, the Sport Coupe might also receive a rear wheel drive model at some point in its life. This would make for a great road car but it would unfortunately take from its off-road ability. Like its rivals, a manual transmission won’t be an option. Instead the car will likely get the 8 speed automatic usually found in today’s Jaguars. The all wheel drive system should still give it plenty of off-road prowess, especially considering Land Rover’s past models.

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source: autocar.co.uk

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