2017 Ram 1500 big horn


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The 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn is a part of the same lineup, albeit with nine trim levels spread across three weight classes. Of course, some are specifically meant to perform a certain function and this is where the Big Horn comes into play. Let’s see what it has to offer to the average truck fan.

Release Date

Since this is the 2017 model, it should have reached the showrooms by now. If not, have some patience, and soon enough you will see Big Horns everywhere you go. Most likely by the end of the year, in all likelihood.

2017 RAM 1500 BIG HORN5


2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Price

The estimated price for the base version of the 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn is roughly $43,000. Of course, additional equipment is charged extra and there are several different trims to consider.


On the outside, there is little outside special badges and letters to distinguish the 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn from other trucks in the lineup, even the heavier ones.

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Of course, since this is one of the lighter ones, as its name would suggest, it was not built for heavy-duty cargo hauling, but more of an occasional utility vehicle.

2017 RAM 1500 BIG HORN9


Since it was meant for people who do not plan to use it for work, it stands to reason that Ram would do what they can to make it as aggressive and visually appealing as possible.

This is where the new grille and the redesigned LED daytime running lights come into play. The fog lights are also new, but those are meant to perform a specific function so they don’t really count.

The 17-inch aluminum wheels complete the trim, although you can choose your own bed and cabin layout.

Ram 1500 Big Horn Interior

The interior of the 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn largely depends on the kind of trim you have selected. For one, it features fabric inserts on the redesigned seats for maximum comfort, keeping things as smooth as they can be, considering you will be reminiscent if you did not take it for a spin off road every once in a while.

2017 RAM 1500 BIG HORN


The main gauge has seen some improvements over the last year’s version and the standard 8.4 inch touchscreen delivers the Uconnect infotainment system, complete with an optional navigation. Of course, there is another TFT display telling you all the important stuff about your truck in real time.

2017 RAM 1500 BIG HORN1



The 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn is not that different when it comes to engine options compared to the rest of the lineup. The standard 3.6 L V-6 offers superior fuel efficiency whereas the 5.7 L V-8 gives more power, so it basically comes down to the driver’s individual preferences..

2017 RAM 1500 BIG HORN8


The former has 305 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque whereas the latter has 90 more horsepower and 40 lb-ft of torque on top of the one offered by the V-6. Then again, it can also cover more land than the V-8, so it basically evens out in the end. Both come with Ram’s signature TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission.

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2017 RAM 1500 BIG HORN7 250x166

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