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2017 Lincoln Navigator – The looks – Inside and Out

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The Navigator is Lincoln’s top end luxury crossover which has been around for nearly two decades. Since it was released, the SUV always used the same chassis as the F-150 truck and this will not change anytime soon. The ongoing model has been first released back in 2006 so it is more than a decade old at this point. This shows even though it received a few updates over the years. It is slow, not that efficient and while it is comfortable, it is not great to drive. A replacement is still under development but a concept has been showed earlier this March.

In detail

The new car should be released with the 2017 Lincoln Navigator early next year and it should be based on the previously mentioned concept.

Even though at this point not much is known about it, Lincoln did say a few things. For starters, the new Navigator will remain based on a truck’s chassis. It will share its frame with the F-150.

2017 Lincoln Navigator


This will likely receive a few modifications in order to better fit a luxury vehicle. We expect increased rigidity and slight changes to the suspension system.

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This will most likely feature air shocks as standard which would allow Lincoln to control the ride and softness of the car without too many issues. With the F-150 frame, the Navigator will also receive the technology that goes into it.

This means it will get an all aluminum body which is expected to shed more than 1,000 pounds from the car.

The performance – what will make it tick?

The massive amount of weight saved with the body would allow the 2017 Lincoln Navigator to be more efficient and faster as well. It is also expected to receive smaller engines as well as a completely new set of trim levels.

The new Navigator might even receive a high performance version to rival M and AMG cars. Even though not official, the new Navigator is expected to receive a couple of different engines. We are quite sure that the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 will be offered, in one form or another.

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This has been showcased on the concept and it would make sense to carry it over to the production model. However, this will not be the same engine from the older model.

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Instead, the V6 will likely be the high-output version from the Raptor where it makes 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. This will most likely be offered on the top end model where it may make even more power.

The other option will likely be aimed directly at the likes of fuel efficient GLS. This might receive a 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 offering anything between 300 and 400 horsepower and more than 300 lb-ft of torque.

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This engine would become a great asset for Lincoln in a market where people started to look at fuel efficient cars more than ever. Both versions will likely get rear wheel drive and a 10 speed automatic as standard with the option to get an all wheel drive system as well.

The looks – inside and out

Lincoln redefined the way their cars looked when they released the Continental. This was a highly criticized car for looking too much like a Bentley. However, despite that it looks amazing and with it they managed to basically take the market for themselves.

2017 Lincoln Navigator1


The 2017 Lincoln Navigator should build on its design. We expect the production model to be very similar to the concept without the unusual doors. The interior will be similar as well but here Lincoln will likely have to work a bit harder.

2017 Lincoln Navigator6


The Navigator might offer four, five or even seven seats but it will have to offer the comfort found in an S-Class on each of those. Because of that we do expect some changes over the sedan such as more comfortable and larger seats and even better materials which would make it a lot more impressive than its rivals.

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2017 Lincoln Navigator7 250x166

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