2017 Honda WR-V

2017 Honda WR-V Design

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2017 Honda WR V6 250x166
2017 Honda WR V 250x166
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A few days ago Honda announced that they are going to release a new car with the WR-V. The new model will be launched in Brazil between 10 and 20th of November at the Sao Paulo International Auto Show. Even though the name doesn’t sound like anything, the upcoming 2017 Honda WR-V is actually going to be the crossover version of the Jazz. The car has been rumored for a long time to be released under a completely different name. So far Honda has not released much information on it but the few details we have on it seem to point out at a very interesting car.

More information

The 2017 Honda WR-V will take the best parts from the Jazz and combine them with an even more rugged character than before.

2017 Honda WR V

The end result should become one of the best selling crossovers at this price point. The car will be released in Brazil shortly but it will only arrive in India next year.

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The price, not officially known at this point, will likely be with up to 20% higher than that of the Jazz. This would still put it in a very competitive spot and it should allow Honda to trump their competitors.

Under the hood

Even though the power requirements are not that high in this class, the Honda WR-V will likely feature one of the more powerful petrol engines. This is not exactly such a surprising fact considering that the Fit already offers one of the more impressive 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engines out there.

This should come as standard on the WR-V where it will likely make up to 130 horsepower and 115 lb-ft of torque. The engine should be mated either to a six speed manual or a CVT automatic. The dual-clutch unit is unlikely going to be made available on the WR-V.

2017 Honda WR V4

On top of that, the rumors that suggested the hybrid are very likely not true, especially since the Brazilian market do prefers petrol engines.

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The Indian market on the other hand will receive a completely different version of the car. Instead of the larger 1.5 liter unit, a 1.2 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 is going to be made available here. This engine currently makes in the Fit a still impressive 90 horsepower and 84 lb-ft of torque.

The Indian market should also receive a 1.5 liter diesel offering 100 horsepower and quite a bit more torque than its petrol counterpart. Like the Brazilian model, the DCT gearbox is still not going to be available. Also, the WR-V is expected to receive an optional all wheel drive system which will give it an edge over some of its rivals.

The looks

So far the 2017 Honda WR-V is still under wraps but the car will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. There have been quite a few renders spotted on the Internet but none of these seemed to showcase the production model.

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2017 Honda WR V1

We do expect the car to come with the basic Fit body and the exact same glasshouse as its sibling. However, the WR-V will be taller off the ground and it should also come with some inserts. These will give the car a bit more bulk and they will make it look like a proper crossover.

These will likely include black plastic inserts on the sides, roof rails and new front and rear bumpers. The cabin of the WR-V on the other hand will be a lot less striking than its exterior. Here, the car is more than likely going to be pretty much identical to the Fit.

The only real difference expected here is the addition of more equipment on the base model which is to be expected considering the larger acquisition price.

2017 Honda WR-V Video

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2017 Honda WR V6 250x166
2017 Honda WR V 250x166
2017 Honda WR V4 250x166
2017 Honda WR V1 250x166

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