2017 Honda Accord Spirior Price

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2017 Honda Accord Spirior3 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior1 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior4 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior2 250x166

So far Honda had only one small executive sedan on the US market, the Acura TLX. However, this is about to change with the release of the 2017 Honda Accord Spirior, a version of the TLX with a few changed features and a different engine.

Honda Accord Spirior Review

While it was a constant presence on the Chinese market, this model was never really available anywhere else. The US release is going to make it a Global model with a possible release in Europe as well. Honda didn’t release too much information about it just yet but considering it was firstly shown on the Chinese market, we can say that it will launch there first.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior

It will use the same platform as the TLX but it will be quite a different car at the end. The design will be different, the interior will be quite similar to what the Accord has and the general behavior of the car will resemble more that of the Accord than that of the TLX. This is because even though it is a more upmarket model than the Accord, Honda doesn’t want to steal sales from the TLX.

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2017 Honda Accord Spirior Release date and price

The release date for the US market should be in the fall of 2016 and the base price should be no higher than 27.000 dollars which is almost 5000 dollars less than what the TLX costs.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior1

Honda Accord Spirior Design

Let’s start with the design of the car which is probably the most interesting aspect on the 2017 Honda Accord Spirior. From the concept car we can see a more aggressive front end than both the TLX or the normal Accord. It will use triangular headlights with Xenon and LED as standard while the hexagonal grille will give it quite an aggressive look. The front bumper has a small splitter and includes two big air intakes while at the back the bumper also has a grille which hides a small diffuser as well as a dual exhaust system. From what we managed to find out, it seems that Honda will use a valve for the exhaust on the car in order to give the car a more aggressive sound at high revs.

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2017 Honda Accord Spirior4

Interior of Honda Accord Spirior 2017

The inside of the Spirior will be a mix between the TLX and the Accord. While the design will be reminiscent of what the Accord has to offer, the materials are going to be of a better quality.

There will be leather, aluminum or even wood on some special models. The standard version of the car though will be marketed lower than the TLX, so it won’t offer leather or satellite navigation as standard but only an infotainment center with a premium audio system.

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Honda Accord Spirior 2017 Engine

Engine wise, we might see two or even three possible engines when it will launch. While the base car will get the same engine as the TLX or the Accord, a 2.4 liter aspirated inline 4 which is good for 190 horsepower and 181 lb-ft of torque, the higher end model might get either a new 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 which should be good for around 280 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque or a similar engine to the TLX, a 3.5 liter V6 with 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. The turbocharged engine would be the better choice but Honda hasn’t said anything official about it just yet.

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2017 Honda Accord Spirior2

Another big change over the TLX is that the 2017 Honda Accord Spirior will not get the 9 speed automatic gearbox or even the four wheel drive system or the four wheel steering one but instead it will only be available with front wheel drive, normal steering and an 8 speed automatic which should be just as good as the 9 speed in terms of feedback and precision but not nearly as good in terms of smoothness.

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2017 Honda Accord Spirior3 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior1 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior4 250x166
2017 Honda Accord Spirior2 250x166


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