2017 Dodge Journey Release date and Price

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2017 Dodge Journey Release date and Price5 250x166

The Journey is the last model based on the old JC platform still in production and this will change by the end of the year when the car will be discontinued from the market. In its place we are expecting the 2017 Dodge Journey, an all new car that will share nothing with the older model.

However, while it will be all new, we do expect the crossover-design of this people carrier to be kept, so expect a more masculine design than that of its competitors. Also, this time around the Journey will be based on the same platform as the Dart or the 200 but only slightly longer and wider.

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This new platform will allow the car to be up to 200 pounds lighter than before and thanks to the extensive use of high strength steel and aluminum in some key areas around the car, the structural rigidity should be improved by quite a bit margin.

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2017 Dodge Journey Release date and Price

The release date is still unknown but some insider information suggests that the car will first be revealed in the early 2017 in Detroit and it will go on the market as a 2018 model by the end of the same year.

The price will likely mirror that of the ongoing model with a few changes for the top end versions which are said to receive higher performance engines than before.

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Just as we mentioned above, in terms of design, the 2017 Dodge Journey is expected to share the theme with Dodge’s latest models such as the Dart or even the Charger.

Expect the same muscular design as that found on the ongoing model but the car will likely slightly grow in size and the front end is definitely going to be a lot more aggressive than on the current model with a pair of slimmer headlights and Dodge’s latest design scheme.

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Also, from the side and from the back, the new Journey is definitely going to offer an entirely new take for the crossover-minivan car.

Interior of Dodge Journey 2017

Inside the cabin, the new model has been rumored to share a lot of its components with the upcoming Charger so this might be the first time when we’re going to see what the new Charger will bring to the market.

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We not only expect better materials throughout the cabin but also a much nicer interior to be in with a new design for its dashboard layout, new seats and even a new seating arrangement which may even allow for a third row of seats on some of the higher end models.

Under the hood

Under the hood, the 2017 Dodge Journey is expected to offer all new engines which are going to have little to nothing in common with what the current model has.

The base car is expected to get an all new 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 mill with around 230 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque which will offer similar fuel consumption to the old 2.4 liter unit with the added benefit of having all that torque available form lower than 2,000 rpm.

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The top end version of the car will not stick with a V6 but instead Dodge is expected to closely follow their sporty history and install under the hood of the next Journey a 2.4 liter turbocharged mill with more than 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, engine which is also going to be available in a future SRT model.

Both of these will be available with all wheel drive but only the lesser engine will get front wheel drive. A tweaked 9 speed automatic gearbox is expected to be the only choice but this might change in the future, especially for an SRT version which could definitely benefit from a manual transmission.

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2017 Dodge Journey Release date and Price5 250x166

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