2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio

2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Price

Back in 2015 the all new Giulia has been released, an all new car based on a new platform which is set to be Alfa’s entirely new direction. Unlike pretty much all of their models in the past two decades, the Giulia is a true executive sedan with a rear wheel drive chassis and a set of engines fit for a car like in its class. Not many people know though that the car was set to be released as the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio which might seem like an unsual name at first but it would make a lot of sense considering their previously released cars.

Unfortunately Alfa decided that it is best for them to name the car Giulia but its platform remained the Giorgio. At first many people thought that the only car to receive this new platform would be the new Giulia and the future Charger but Dodge dismissed the rumors that they future models are going to use this platform.

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Instead, it is quite safe to assume that Alfa is likely going to build a new car on this platform, most likely a crossover in order to complete Giulia’s lineup and offer a more complete line of cars on the market.

Alfa Romeo Giorgio Price

The price for the Giorgio crossover is unknown at this point and there are very few details about it but we do know a crossover is in the works because not too long ago a test mule has been seen having a rather unusual wheelbase.

The rumored crossover has been given the name Giorgio after its platform in order to allow people to refer at it with more ease. However, we do strongly believe that the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio could be its real name because it would be the male-version of the Giulia.

This would also suggest that the two would share a similar look, interior and engines and the best part about it would likely be the Giorgio QV, a high performance crossover aimed directly at cars like the upcoming X3 M or even the Porsche Macan.

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It would be a hard developing process for sure but Alfa Romeo currently has the resources in order to built a great car and their Giulia is by far one of the better cars on the market and one of the best looking in its class by a big margin.

Its only real downside is the higher price and the rather niche market it targets. In terms of actual performance and feel it is superior to the BMW 3 Series for example but unfortunately people still think that the BMW is a superior car. This might not last for long but until people will realize that the Alfa Romeo is a better car than most others, they won’t be able to succeed.

Engine of Alfa Romeo Giorgio

Powering the upcoming 2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio crossover are likely going to be the same engines found in the new Giulia. This means that the base model will feature a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine offering 276 horsepower which would actually be more than the competition.

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Europe on the other hand will get a 2.2 liter turbocharged inline 4 diesel with more than 200 horsepower. For the first time for an Alfa Romeo model, the US version of the car is likely going to receive a 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 diesel with more than 300 horsepower and like we said above, a QV model might be released.

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This would sport a 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine developed by Ferrari which would provide over 500 horsepower, basically allowing the Alfa crossover to outrun any of its competitors and thanks to this engine it will likely be received as the Ferrari-crossover everyone is currently expecting.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Video

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