2016 Toyota Auris Price

Toyota is a Japanese manufacturer known for good quality and long lasting vehicles. One of their popular models is Auris, a compact hatchback that was introduced more than 10 years ago. The car had bold design that was an instant hit among younger generations and first Auris sold pretty good. Now, the Japanese manufacturer has announced a new update – a facelift of current, second generation model – the 2016 Toyota Auris.


When it comes to the exterior, the 2016 Toyota Auris does not bring anything special – as we have said, this is just a face lift and the manufacturer has done only smaller changes on the outside – most notable changes are on the front – the air intake has been redesigned, new headlights are also introduced and new taillights on the back. The rear of the 2016 Toyota Auris looks a lot different, thanks to new bumper.

2016 Toyota Auris 630x371

2016 Toyota Auris Front

Toyota announced new color options and brand new alloy wheels, with fresh design. It appears that the Japanese manufacturer wanted to tone down the aggressive styling and make the car look more like a family car.

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When you take a look at the interior of the new 2016 Toyota Auris, you can see that there were more changes on the inside than on the outside. The whole interior looks better, but it also feels better, since the Japanese manufacturer decided to use better materials throughout the whole interior.

2016 Toyota Auris1 630x371

2016 Toyota Auris Interior

Depending on the trim level, the 2016 Toyota Auris will have either basic cloth interior or premium leather with the more expensive versions. The only drawback to the interesting interior is pretty small, 4.2-inch display, which is the same for all trim levels, while the main competitors of this car offer bigger touch screen displays, even with their base models!

2016 Toyota Auris9 630x351

2016 Toyota Auris Side-Rear


According to the official data given by the manufacturer, the 2016 Toyota Auris hybrid models are going to have the same engines as its predecessor, however, petrol and diesel engines are going to have a few changes. First of all, Auris is still going to be offered with 1.3l and 1.6l 4-cylinder petrol engines, but 1.2l turbo engine will be added. The diesel line up still consists of 1.4l engine, but the 2.0l engine will be replaced with 1.6l D-4D engine.

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2016 Toyota Auris Price

The price of the 2016 Toyota Auris should remain the same – starting around $17,000.

Release date

According to the manufacturer, the 2016 Toyota Auris should go on sale by the end of 2015.

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