2016 Tesla Model X Release date

2016 Tesla Model X would be a continuation of the manufacturer to make eco-friendly modern futuristic cars in terms of the design and engine performances.

2016 Tesla Model X Release date

The manufacturer officially presented 2016 Tesla Model X and all interested customers can now go to the manufacturer’s website and order this car. The tick is that the deliveries of this model would not be possible before the first couple of months of 2016.

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2016 Tesla Model X Front

Price for Tesla Model X 2016

If you are a potential customer, and you want to order this vehicle, you would have to leave $5 000 as deposit reserve. However, it is not known how much precisely 2016 Tesla Model X would cost since the manufacturer has not revealed this information yet. This is expected to be known during the final months of 2015; however, the rumour is that the base model would be priced at about $70 000.

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Tesla Model X 2016 Exterior

The exterior design of 2016 Tesla Model X would be absolutely futuristic and very modern. Namely, lines and edges of this vehicle would be very smooth and they would be very aerodynamic. In addition to this, the manufacturer would also add the brand new LED technology for the headlights and taillights. Furthermore, the elegance and future, so to say, of this model would be best seen in case of its falcon wings, i.e. the doors which would open from the down up.

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2016 Tesla Model X Side

Model X Interior

There is no doubt that the manufacturer would make equally elegant and aesthetically pleasing interior design of 2016 Tesla Model X. First of all, the manufacturer would use leather materials for the production of seats, and materials of very good quality would be also used for the construction of the dashboard. The incorporation of modern technologies and accessories would be guaranteed since we are talking about one very modern car. These accessories would include a touchscreen, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Also, there would be a satellite navigation offered.

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Tesla Model X 2016 Engine and Transmission

This vehicle would be a continuation of the manufacturer’s intention to create futuristic cars, i.e. the cars which would be made to be run by only electric motors. These electric motors, it is believed that there would be two of them for this model, would be powered by sets of batteries.

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More precisely, it is believed that the manufacturer would provide three different packages, i.e. 60 Kw, 85kW and 85 kWh Performance battery package. It is speculated that the maximum range of these batteries would be 230 miles. Speed would be also important, and it is believed that the most powerful engine would even have the capacity to reach 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds.

Furthermore, it is believed that the manufacturer would also offer a choice of all-wheel drive. Since we are talking about a model which only has electric engines, it is natural to conclude that 2016 Tesla Model X would have the direct drive with only one speed.

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We are only left to see what the exact specifications of 2016 Tesla Model X would be.

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