2016 Tesla Model S Release date

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2016 Tesla Model S would be the epitome of the futuristic car since it would use only an electric motor and it would have all possible high-tech accessories.

2016 Tesla Model S Release Date

2016 Tesla Model S is a car which is shrouded by veil of mystery since there are no reliable, almost none, information regarding the potential release date of this magnificent car. However, it is estimated that the manufacturer would release this model for sales during the final months of 2015 but this needs to wait for the official confirmation.

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2016 Tesla Model S Front

Price for Tesla Model S 2016

There could be no reliable discussion regarding the pricing of 2016 Tesla Model S since the car cannot be found in the authorized dealerships. However, there are certain estimates regarding the price and they predict that the price range would go from $70 000 for the base model and up to $100 000 for the fully upgraded and equipped trim.

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Exterior of Tesla Model S

2016 Tesla Model S would be very aerodynamic and it would have very neat lines which would give the impression of elegance and style. This overall impression of elegance and luxury would be intensified by the addition of the headlights and taillights which would use the latest LED technology. Also, the back bumper would also give the impression of power since it is a bit aggressive in its design.

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2016 Tesla Model S Interior

2016 Model S Interior

The first thing about interior of 2016 Tesla Model S is the fact that this car would be even capable of receiving up to totally seven passengers. The comfort of all of them would be most certainly guaranteed by the usage of the fabric, i.e. leather and cloth of the best quality.

The curious thing would be that the luggage area would be also placed in the front part of the vehicle. Since we are talking about the car of the future, it is no surprise that the manufacturer would include a lot of modern technologies and gadgets. It is believed that the manufacturer would provide UBS and Bluetooth connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity and satellite navigation.

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2016 Tesla Model S Back

Tesla Model S Engine

It needs to be stated that 2016 Tesla Model S would be a car of the future. Namely, this car would be very futuristic in terms of the powertrain since it would not have a traditional engine under the hood. Quite the contrary, this model would be equipped only with an electric engine which would be powered by a set of batteries.

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The strength this engine would be capable of producing is 415 horsepower, i.e. 310 kW. The manufacturer would also provide different sets of batteries for this engine ranging from 60kW to 85 kW. In addition to all this, it needs to be stated that the manufacturer would also offer a four-wheel drive system. Furthermore, this car would be very eco-friendly since it would not pollute air and environment.

The conclusion is very simple, 2016 Tesla Model S would bring the production of cars into the future era due to its intricate exterior and interior design and engine specifications and performances.

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2016 Tesla Model S Release date copy 250x166

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