2016 Mitsubishi Montero Release date

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2016 Mitsubishi Montero 250x166

The original Montero is one of the best cars in off-road ever made but it has never really came on the US market mostly because it was already over-saturated, so Mitsubishi felt like they couldn’t make a profit out of it.

However, back in January 2015 they finally stated that the car was going to be released once again as the 2016 Mitsubishi Montero, a car which may have nothing in common with the very versatile previous generation. While the actual car hasn’t been presented to the public just yet, a concept has been released in the late 2013 and it shows the potential of the car.

2016 Mitsubishi Montero1

However, this has nothing to do with the body-on-frame construction of the original which would be a shame because it would take from the potential of the car. The production model on the other hand might feature this type of construction as well as it will very likely borrow parts of the design of that concept.

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2016 Mitsubishi Montero Release date and Price

The actual release date hasn’t been made available just yet but it may come in the late 2016 for a base price of around $30,000.

Engine of Mitsubishi Montero

Under its hood the usual naturally aspirated V6 is going to be gone and instead of it, Mitsubishi is going to give the car a hybrid powertrain which will use a 3 liter V6 mated to an electric motor and an 8 speed automatic transmission.

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It will also get a small battery pack that will not allow for all electric operation but it will allow the car to regenerate energy and store it while braking. On top of that, the electric motor should solve the problem of the low end torque of the V6 engine. The second option is going to be a turbocharged V6 engine with up to 300 horsepower and more than 400 lb-ft of torque which would allow the next generation Montero to tow a lot more than any of its competitors.

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Mitsubishi Montero 2016 Exterior

On the exterior there is going to be a lot of work and thankfully, Mitsubishi already stated that the car is going to keep the spirit of its predecessor alive. It will still borrow from the concept car released back in 2013 but the 2016 Mitsubishi Montero is going to have better proportions fit for an SUV rather than fit for a crossover. A prototype has already been spied in the wild and even though it is completely camouflaged we must say that it has the potential to become great.

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Interior of 2016 Mitsubishi Montero

Inside the car we’re likely going to see an improvement in terms of materials as well as a better equipment level in order to make it more viable for the US market. Unfortunately though we don’t know too much about how it may look just yet.

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2016 Mitsubishi Montero 250x166

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