2016 Honda Ridgeline Price

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2016 Honda Ridgeline 250x166

The previous model of the Ridgeline was an SUT, meaning it wasn’t a pickup truck but rather a crossover with a small bed behind it where people can carry stuff around. However, it lacked a few features over a normal pickup truck so it didn’t sell all that well when compared to the other trucks in its class.

2016 Honda Ridgeline Review

The model was actually discontinued at the end of 2014 and since then Honda started to release pieces of information about their upcoming 2016 Honda Ridgeline which is not only going to be a successor to the older car but actually a different type of car.

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The new model is going to be a body on frame type of construction rather than a unibody design which will allow Honda to market it directly towards the small trucks that are currently available rather than being the only car of its type on the market.

Price for Honda Ridgeline

The new model is also expected to be quite a bit cheaper than before with an expected entry level price of around $24,000 which is almost $6,000 less than the previous generation. This is because it will have a less powerful engine in the base trim and it will be aimed at people needed a pickup truck rather than just at people looking for a crossover with a bed behind it.

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Engine of Honda Ridgeline 2016

Under the body there is going to be a completely new frame and also new engines for this model. The base engine is expected to be a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated VTEC inline 4 which is going to offer around 180 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque. Unlike the other VTEC engines out there, this is going to offer more torque at lower rpm.

The top of the range is expected to be a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 rather than the old V6. This engine will provide a similar amount of power at around 250 horsepower but more torque at 270 lb-ft of it as well as a better fuel consumption. Unlike the previous model, the 2016 Honda Ridgeline is going to be rear wheel drive as standard and a four wheel drive system is going to be available as an option.

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2016 Ridgeline Exterior and interior

The car’s exterior and interior are also going to change to the point that it will no longer look like the previous model at all. From the renderings Honda released so far the new truck looks to be a four door version with a medium sized bed at the back.

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On top of that, it seems to borrow some design cues from both the CR-V and also some from Acura which is a bit odd but understandable. The car’s interior will feature five seats and an interior level similar to what the CR-V is offering in its base trim.

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2016 Honda Ridgeline 250x166

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