2016 Honda Odyssey Release date

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The primary aim of the production of 2016 Honda Odyssey was to produce a very reliable and spacious car which would be used by larger families. Nevertheless, the manufacturer would also pay attention to design details in order to also make an aesthetically attractive car.

2016 Honda Odyssey Release Date

There has not been the official debut of 2016 Honda Odyssey yet but it is believed that the official presentation of this vehicle would take place during the final quarter of 2016. Consequently, it is believed that this vehicle would be then available for sales most probably during the first months of 2016.

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2016 Honda Odyssey Front

Price for Honda Odyssey 2016

The pricing for particular trims would be known when the manufacturer publishes price lists for 2016 Honda Odyssey. Nevertheless, it is believed that the base trim of this vehicle would be priced at about $30 000 while the most upgraded and enhanced trim would be priced at about $45 000.

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Honda Odyssey Exterior

2016 Honda Odyssey would have somewhat minivan exterior design since the purpose of this car is to be produced for families and trips and journey. Despite this, the car would be very elegant and aesthetically pleasing. It would have four doors and a trunk opening. It is believed that the manufacturer would offer this car in the following trims: LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite.

Interior of Honda Odyssey

The interior of 2016 Honda Odyssey would be remarkable. First of all, there would be a lot of space and comfort even when the car is completely full. For the record, this car would have three seat rows and the capacity for totally eight passengers. It is also interesting to note that the last two seat rows would most probably have the capacity to be lowered in order to increase the cargo area, which is quite enough even without that.

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2016 Honda Odyssey Interior

Even though this is a kind of a minivan car, this car would have a lot of high-tech accessories and functions in order to be interesting for younger generations. The manufacturer would most certainly incorporate a touchscreen which would have 8 inches. Also, the climate and audio systems would be impeccable. Furthermore, the manufacturer would pay a lot of attention to safety options, and this is why he would also include a rear camera and blind side screens.

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Honda Odyssey 2016 Engine and Transmission

The manufacturer would also use a very powerful and reliable engine for 2016 Honda Odyssey. It is estimated that the manufacturer would use a 3.5 liter engine and this V6 engine would be capable of producing 248 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. The manufacturer is also believed to include a four-wheel driving system.

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2016 Honda Odyssey Engine

Furthermore, this engine option would be paired with the automatic transmission which would have six speeds. Great attention would be also paid to the reduction of fuel consumption, and it is believed that the fuel consumption would be approximately 22 mpg.

The reliability of the engine and the incorporation of modern technologies and safety options would be added to 2016 Honda Odyssey. We still waiting for 2017 Honda Odyssey !

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2016 Honda Odyssey Release date5 250x166

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