2016 Honda CR-V Price and Release date

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2016 Honda C RV Price and Release date8 250x166

What arrives as new model from Honda is certainly the 2016 Honda CR-V, a new SUV model that is designed to stand shoulder to shoulder with its competitors from Chrysler, Toyota and Ford. Honda SUV models are very popular in the market, so it is expected that this model will achieve significant success in the future.

2016 Honda CR-V New touch – fantastic redesign

Most of the changes you’ll notice with the new model of Honda are really excellent. All Honda CR-V models were highly appreciated and successful, so it is expected that the new edition of the famous Japanese manufacturer will be a real hit in the center of the target.

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2016 Honda CR-V Front-Side

When we speak about the facelift of earlier model of 2016 Honda CR-V, we will see that exterior has been improved. These are some changes you can expect with a new model:

• New, changed grill, which looks more aggressive
• Improved headlights
• 17 inches alloy wheels
• Renewed front bumper
• Fantastic looking luggage door

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Changes inside the cabin are more spectacular. With the new model, the driver will have better position, because everything will be at his or her disposal. You can see new improvements of the infotainment system, which now will have satellite navigation and integrated Bluetooth. Thanks to new, high quality materials inside the car, the cabin will have a more elegant look.

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2016 Honda CR-V Interior

This model will have a smart dashboard. Thanks to the instant phone connectivity and other improvements, comfortable drive is guaranteed. New heating system will come up to the rear seats, while parking assistance will be a very helpful feature. With 8 cup holders, everyone in the car can find favorite place. You can do what you like, thanks to the seven-inch touch screen. All the passengers will have enough leg space and comfort during the ride.

Safety controls of Honda CR-V

It is good to know that safety features which are characteristic for new model 2016 Honda C-RV can be characterized as very useful. This is what you can expect with your new car:

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• Blind spot warning system
• Airbags in the full length from the both sides
• Front side airbags
• Antilock brakes
• Traction control and stability control
• Assist for a hill-start

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2016 Honda CR-V Engine

2016 Honda CR-V Engine and Specs

The engine that will come together with new 2016 Honda CR-V will be 2.4 engine that has an inline injection. This engine is called Earth Dreams and it is able to produce 185 horsepower and 163 pound feet of torque.

2016 Honda C-RV Price and Release date

What you can expect about the price of this new and improved model? The rumors say that the price shouldn’t be much higher than the one for the previous model. The basic price was around $24.000, so maybe this could be the starting point. Spring 2015 will be the time of first sales.

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2016 Honda CR-V Back

Given that his predecessor was extremely good sale on three continents, it is expected that the model 2016 Honda CR-V has the same success. This success marks a precisely thanks to affordable prices, and such a tendency should be continued in the future.

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2016 Honda C RV Price and Release date8 250x166

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