2016 Ford C-Max Release date

As its name 2016 Ford C-Max says, this is a really big and comfortable car, suitable to host seven passengers at once. If you have a big family or want to use this car for a business, it could be a fantastic choice.

Model 2016 Ford C-Max is one of the newest models of Ford, and was made to continue the tradition of successful sales of its predecessor in Europe, but also to boost demand for the same in America, where his predecessor had suffered to achieve a great honor because they offered a hybrid the version. Primarily, due to the environment protection reasons, this model didn’t meet particularly open heart welcome by customers.

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2016 Ford C-Max Side

Exterior of 2016 Ford C-Max

The main changes which shall be determined on the exterior of the car is primarily a change in the fascias. What can be expected as external change of this model is the following:

• Chiseled headlamps are now part of the new model and it is revision, which came together with a slimmer version of these lamps
• The headlamps will have improved fog lamps which are with this model bold and have a rectangular shape
• The lighting system in the front part of the car will be absolutely adaptive
• Trapezoid grill is also an innovation that comes with this model. They will be inverted.
• On the back side, the rear lamps will keep the previous improvement with “kick-gesture” power lift gate. The taillights will suffer some changes too.

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2016 Ford C-Max Side-Back

What may we notice with the new model are also 15-inch wheels with aluminum rims as an option. As you notice, with this new model Ford will not work completely redesigning and big changes, but will only update the look of the earlier model.

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Ford C-Max 2016 Interior

What will this model keep for sure is an exceptional interior space, because, as we said at the beginning, this is a big car that can drive 7 passengers. New and improved Sync system that Ford put in this car will enable you to use the most advanced 3D navigation system that can be activated by voice. Touch screen display inside the car will be of 8 inch size with very high resolution.

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2016 Ford C-Max Interior

This MPV in its interior will make a change when it comes to seats, because this time the model 2016 Ford C-Max will be using seats that were previously destined for Ford Focus. What is also planned for this edition are new materials and new color palette. There will be two types of seats, one of leather and other of specific cloth. Besides all the above changes, the car will have the Infotainment system, which is known as MyFord and future customers will be able to buy this car with the option to have 10 Sony speaker system inside.

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Ford C-Max 2016 Engine and Powertrain

What is an option for customers in Europe is something that will certainly be a relevant factor when purchasing a car. It is a choice between diesel engine or a gasoline engine. This mini van will still have one basic machine that will be the 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine.

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The power that it can develop will be 120 hp, which is not too much, but when you take into account that this is not a sports car, this comes as not a bad option. Those who want something stronger still will be able to obtain the optional version with 170 horsepower and 1.5 liter EcoBoost engine.

2016 Ford C-Max Release date

Given the fact that Ford does not produce expensive models, the price which is expected for 2016 Ford C-Max should not be over $25,000 for the base model. It is also expected to have a price of maximal $32,000 for improved models. Its sales in Europe should start in early 2016, possibly in late 2015.

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Knowing that its predecessor in Europe was successful, it is almost certain that there are many people who are interested in buying just this model. For the US market, there is still no information about the start time of sale, but the producer hopes that 2016 Ford C-Max model should largely repair sale in this part of the world because of the improvements that were made in terms of its engine.

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