2016 Dodge Rampage Release date and Price

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2016 Dodge Rampage Release date and Price2 250x166

The manufacturer has designed 2016 Dodge Rampage to be a very powerful and reliable truck. This truck would be equipped with great engine choice and good equipment package.

2016 Dodge Rampage Release Date

Regarding the date when 2016 Dodge Rampage would hit the showrooms around the globe, we do not have any information whatsoever regarding this.

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The prediction is that the presentation would take place during the very beginning of 2016. The situation is the same regarding the release of this truck for sales. Namely, we do not know when they would happen, but the estimates put this date during the first quarter of 2016.

Price for Dodge Rampage 2016

When we are talking about the price of 2016 Dodge Rampage, we should, first of all, once again repeat that we do not have the presentation and sales dates for this truck and thus the price is unknown.

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On the other hand, there have been some unconfirmed speculations and rumors that the price of the base model would vary from $30 000 to $40 000.

Exterior of  Dodge Rampage

2016 Dodge Rampage would have a very grandiose and powerful exterior design which would have smooth lines and edges in addition to LED headlights and taillights. The manufacturer would make this truck with four doors and there would also be a huge cargo area.

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This area would also have the possibility of lighting and it can be covered as well. It is good to know that the door of the cargo area can be lowered as a ramp, a great thing for transporting heavy cargo.

Dodge Rampage Interior

2016 Dodge Rampage would have two seat rows which would be made from the finest materials and fabrics, just as the upholstery.

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There would be the possibility of removing the last seat row and te passenger’s seat in the first row in order to create additional cargo area. Th re would also the possibility of having Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity.

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2016 Rampage Engine and Transmission

The mere fact that we are talking about a truck gives us the right to say that 2016 Dodge Rampage would be equipped with a very powerful engine option. More precisely, the manufacturer would us a 5.7 liter engine under the hood of this truck.

This would be a HEMI engine which would be equipped with the multi-displacement system. Furthermore, the manufacturer would provide the front-wheel driving system as the base one, while the four-wheel system would be an optional.

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It is predicted that this engine would have the capacity to produce 345 horsepower. Regarding the transmission, the manufacturer would pair this engine with the automatic transmission which would have five speeds. The manufacturer would pay a lot of attention to the fuel consumption and it is predicted that the fuel consumption would range from 15 mpg to 18 mpg.

All in all, 2016 Dodge Rampage would be a breath of fresh air on the market since it would be the combination of traditional power and reliability on one side and great equipment package and engine performances on the other.

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2016 Dodge Rampage Release date and Price2 250x166

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