2016 Cadillac XT5 (SRX) Price

The SRX didn’t manage to get the success it deserved so GM together with Cadillac decided that it is time for a new vehicle for that segment. As far as we know, this is going to be the 2016 Cadillac XT5 and it is going to be a direct replacement for the SRX. However, even though it will be its successor, the new model will actually run on a new modular platform, the “Chi”, allowing both GM and Cadillac to greatly reduce the manufacturing costs.

2016 Cadillac XT5 Review

So far there isn’t much information available about this new car but it seems that it will come on the market some time at the end of 2015. The base price should be around 35.000 dollars, so a bit lower than the current SRX. This doesn’t mean that it will be less of a car and in fact, the new XT5 is expected to come on the market with a better interior as well as more fuel efficient engines.

2016 Cadillac XT5 SRX51 630x420

2016 Cadillac XT5 Side

Cadillac XT5 Interior

On the interior, the car will most likely borrow quite a few things from the ATS. The dashboard is expected to be quite similar while the layout for the seats and the general driving position should be similar to the older SRX. The standard equipment level will now include an infotainment system, electric seats, a satellite navigation system, LTE connectivity as well as heated and ventilated seats. Wi-Fi is going to be available on some of the higher end models while the leather upholstery will come as standard with the mid-range model.

2016 Cadillac XT5 SRX6 630x393

2016 Cadillac XT5 Interior

Exterior of Cadillac XT5 2016

Its exterior on the other hand is currently under wraps. There are only a few pictures of a camouflaged prototype of the car and this looks to be quite an improvement over the previous model. The front end uses a big grille with two vertical headlights while the back seems to have a curve just like a shooting brake car.

2016 Cadillac XT5 SRX7 630x408

2016 Cadillac XT5 Back

Cadillac XT5  2016 Engine

Engine wise, the 2016 Cadillac XT5 should change, but not as much as we’d hope. The base engine is expected to be the same 3.6 liter aspirated V6 with 305 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. However, the old 6 speed automatic is likely going to be replaced with GM’s new 9 speed automatic which should be a lot smoother and also faster than the current unit.

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Spy photo

Front wheel drive is going to be standard while all wheel drive is going to be available as an option. There should also be a fuel efficient version of the car which is not going to use a hybrid drivetrain but a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 with around 260 horsepower that will use around 25% less fuel than the current V6 while offering similar performance.

The first official images 2016 Cadillac XT5

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