2016 BMW M9 Release date and Price

BMW is known for its fast and classy cars and has many fans around the globe. The 2016 BMW M9 will be a worthy addition to its already existing fleet of cars. 2016 will be the 100th anniversary of BMW and there will be no better time this to release this gem of a car. It will be a completely redesigned and updated model, different from all its predecessors.

Exterior of BMW M9

The 2016 BMW M9 is really an unique piece of work. As soon as you see the car, you will clearly know that the designers had really worked hard on it. They have managed to give this car that aggressive which appeals to many people.

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Being built of materials like fiber carbon, it is much lighter than the previous models. Headlights consists of LED’s which are connected in series in a thin line and extends up to the radiator grille of the car. The rear lights of the auto also consists of LED lights and they really make a strong impact on the car.

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The roof is designed in a slightly slanting manner, but is still high enough for any tall men. In short, the car is designed in such a way that it will surely catch your eye. If a BMW M9 passes by the road, then you can’t help but notice it.

BMW M9 2016 Interior

In order to complement the beautiful exterior design, the designers have come with a completely upgraded and superior interior. It is just a class apart from its predecessors. It comes with many new and extra features.

Just like most sports car, it is a 2 seater car with extremely comfortable seats and there is abundant space in the chamber. They have upgraded the security features like the parking sensors and the airbags. There is a large central screen that provides you with all the necessary information like the weather, navigation and the traffic situation.

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It also comes with a redesigned deck that provides you with battery chargers and other things. They have also made sure that you are not short of any entertainment options once you are inside the car. The music systems, speakers all have been updated to the latest technology.

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There is a probability that this car will come with automatic transmission. Although, there may be other versions which includes a manual transmission with paddle shifters. In short, you will never have an uncomfortable journey with this car.

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Engine of BMW M9

It is expected to come with either the V12 or V8 motor. Since the car is light, the pace has been increased and it also has an effective motor.

To give this car an edge over the others, the velocity has been increased to 320 kph. The predecessors had a motor of 4395 cc, but this model is expected to be more superior in this regard.

2016 BMW M9 Price and Release date

The 2016 BMW M9 is expected to hit the markets towards the second half of 2016. Although there is no concrete information about the price, but it expected to be in the range of $300000 to $500000. It is expected to become a big hit and find many buyers.

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