12 Things Only Car Lovers Would Understand

People who don’t own a car may never get the true love between the vehicle and its owner. They have a special connection and they always have each other to be the greatest support. Every car addict is different. Some of them speak using a secret language to their vehicle, asking it politely to stay calm until they fill the tank. This may seem weird and delusional, but that’s one of the so many things people can’t understand about the vehicle enthusiasts.

If you don’t have one you will have a big struggle to understand why your friend is talking to the car or calling it by cute names. Some owners are not that crazy and they have a stable relationship with their four-wheel friend. But, at the same time, there are people who do completely the opposite. Sometimes, their friends may think they are crazy or creepy, but only a true car lover can understand these things:

1. You can have a proper relationship with your vehicle

You can have a proper relationship with your vehicle


As we explained, you can talk to it calmly with words full of love and understanding. Your partner in crime helps you arrive everywhere you want. That is why you appreciate it. Having a relationship with it it’s pretty normal and you don’t have to hide that fact from the others. But, let us tell you one secret – they have the same relationship too.

2. Driving is relaxing

Driving is relaxing


If you love to get in your car and drive as far as you can, while listening to music with opened windows, you are not the one. Many of you will confirm this is relaxing and may lift the spirits up and stress-relieving. You don’t have to explain anything, just enjoy the time together with your car.

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3. You want to invest in personalization

Yes, the car is beautiful by itself, but sometimes you want to cover the seats, put some stickers to it or add some customized show registration plates. If you want custom show plates, you need to know that they are an only temporary solution and in general, they are illegal to use.

Show plates can cover the legal registration plates and according to number1plates.com, you need to do it on your own risk, knowing that these plates are for a special occasion in controlled conditions. That also applies to every other customization and personalization. They should never cover the windows, mirrors, and number plates of your vehicle.

4. You stay inside after you parked

You stay inside after you parked


Many car lovers stay in their car after they parked it on the spot, before going home. It’s a precious time for you, you spend with those you love (a vehicle in this case). After you had a few moments alone with your car, you are ready to go home. You have time for yourself and for your thoughts, and it will never judge you about the decisions you made there.

5. You gave it a cute name

When you have a special relationship with someone it’s normal to give them cute names and you are not afraid to call the car by it, using a direct speech. And also, you repeat a few times a day that you love it.

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6. You have photos with your car on social media profiles

You have photos with your car on social media profiles


When you love someone, you want to save all the precious memories you have together. And that means that you have at least one photo you published on Instagram of you in your car. That can be hands on the steering wheel, a photo of you next to the car, you sitting in there and taking a selfie and so on. Also, people often take pictures of their cars when they park them to some impressive spot. And that is normal.

7. You choose the car over everything else

If they ask you to move to a desert island or ghost town, you are sure that you will take your vehicle, and then start thinking about what else do you need to survive there.

8. You have a strong sixth sense when something is wrong

You don’t need to be an expert to know that something is wrong. It may seem pretty normal, but you are connected to it and you can quickly scan and hear the sounds to find something unusual, that will alarm you to take the car to service.

9. You remember everything about it

You always know how the first air freshener smelled, you are aware of every scratch on the surface and you can always remember the first seat covers. Also, you can easily recall who was with you when you drove it for the first time, the first vacation, hugs, and kisses. And everything that is missing is hurting you, even the things that needed to be changed over time.

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10. You are happy when some of your friends buy a new car

You are happy when some of your friends buy a new car


When you hear your friend has a new car, you may seem happier than them. That happens because you know how it feels to have someone who is your support and one of the greatest loves you had in your life. Yes, we still talk about your car.

11. You are browsing some upgrades in your free time

You are using every free moment you have to find something that can be used in your car, while everyone else is watching TV shows and playing online games.

12. Car accidents make you sad

Car accidents make you sad


This is normal because often someone is hurt or died in car accidents. But, what also makes you sad is the fact that some car is crashed and that makes your heart breaks in thousand of pieces. People who don’t understand the relationship with cars may judge you, but you know how it feels.

If your friends still don’t understand why are you so connected to your car, send them this article. They will finally see how it works and they may change, or buy a car to have a special relationship with it. Until then, feel free to have an indestructible bond with the vehicle you own.

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