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Ferrari 250 GTO – Most Iconic Car Ever Made

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Ferrari 250 GTO 250x166
Ferrari 250 GTO a 250x166
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The 250 GTO is Ferrari’s most iconic car ever made. It was originally a race-car built by hand in Italy and the best part is that they only made 39 units. Because of that the price of the Ferrari 250 GTO reached insane levels with the last one being sold for north of $50 million. This is considerably more than any other car ever made and it showed people that cars can be seen as art. However, fast forward more than 50 years and we don’t really have something like that anymore. Luckily though there are still people trying to design impressive cars with one of them being a Ukrainian artist. Not that long ago he designed the 612 GTO III. While the car shares its name with the older 612 released back in 2004, it has nothing in common with it. In fact it seems the new model is meant to be a modern-day 250 GTO with all the perks of that car but none of the drawbacks.

In detail

The artist decided to keep quiet about most of the details about the car and let most of them to people’s imagination. However, he did say a few things about it. For starters it seems that the new 612 would be based on the same chassis as the F12. This means it would feature a carbon fiber unibody wrapped in carbon fiber body panels. However, unlike the rather heavy F12, the 612 would be considerably lighter.

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This would likely be achieved with the help of much lighter carbon-fiber wheels, a stripped down interior as well as a completely different suspension setup. These alone should allow the modern-day Ferrari 250 GTO to become one of the fastest cars to date and definitely the fastest front-engine car in production. Unfortunately the price, release date or even the possibility of it actually being made are unknown. Despite that it seems that Ferrari might be interested in this car as it would give them a good reason to build something really impressive once again.

Ferrari 250 GTO design

As we said, the 612 GTO III is a designed conceived by an artist from the ground up. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t feature Ferrari’s usual traits though. The car definitely has the profile of a true grand tourer with a really long hood and a very short back end. The same profile can also be seen on the F12 so we wouldn’t be surprised if the artist decided to take it as inspiration.

Ferrari 250 GTO a

The front end on the other hand is unique and it has nothing in common with Ferrari’s current offerings. However, we can see clear inspiration from F1. The car boasts a large lower grille and two taller side-grilles. This setup mimics the design found on F1 cars with the massive front wing. On top of that the hood extends very low nearly touching the splitter. With the NACA ducts just above the front grille the car’s front end makes it seem nearly identical to that of a racing car which takes it a step closer to the original Ferrari 250 GTO.

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The interior of Ferrari 250 GTO

Unfortunately the artist decided to not render the interior as well. However, we can still see a few interesting details. The car boasts on the rear window a set of fuel-caps which seem to be connected to an interior-mounted fuel cell. On top of that the car has just two bucket seats which is in line with the original Ferrari 250 GTO.

Ferrari 250 GTO ab

However, it is considerably larger than its spiritual predecessor so all that extra space seems to be used in order to mount a rather impressive roll-cage as well as a rear storage shelf. The dashboard as well as most of the instruments haven’t been shown but it seems the car won’t have much in common with Ferrari’s other cars.

Under the hood

The artist conceived the 612 GTO III with a 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V12 borrowed from the F12. However, considering the car’s design it is safe to assume that it won’t be made any time soon, if that. Because of that we wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari decides to use it as a test-bed for a future V8 hybrid powertrain. This would eventually be used in all of their other V12-powered cars giving them a really stunning car to do their testing on.

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Ferrari 250 GTO 250x166
Ferrari 250 GTO a 250x166
Ferrari 250 GTO ab 250x166

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