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Audi A9 – Will Be a Large Four-Door Coupe

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Back in 2014 Audi was releasing the Prologue concept car which was a high performance two-door coupe similar in size to the A8. A year later they were releasing the E-Tron Quattro concept, a full electric crossover similar to the Q7. We mention these two cars because the German manufacturer has announced not that long ago the Audi A9. This will be a large four-door coupe with a full electric powertrain. The car will likely be based on the Prologue, when it comes to its design, and it will feature most of the powertrain found in the E-Tron Quattro model. Audi has not stated what the release date will be but they did say the car will hit the market by 2020. Its main competitor is going to be the Model S while Porsche’s own Mission E will be sold as a much more expensive alternative to it.

The chassis

At this point Audi doesn’t really have a suitable platform for this kind of car. VW’s MEB chassis is mostly aimed at smaller and less luxurious cars. Because of that, the A9 might just use the same chassis as the upcoming Porsche Mission E. This will have quite a bit in common with the Panamera which would also suit Audi’s desire to build the best car in its class.

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Audi a9 chassis

Unlike the Panamera, or Mission E for that matter, the A9 will likely be sold in the same segment as the A8. The price is expected to be just shy of $100,000 for a base version which is quite a bit over the Model S. However, the Audi will more than likely come with a much better build quality and quite a few more options than its competitor.

The design

We mentioned the Prologue concept car because the Audi A9 will more than likely borrow most of its design traits from the coupe. The front end is expected to get the same massive hexagonal grille, which has also been seen on the A8 prototype, and the clean lines of the coupe.

Audi a9

Being a four-door coupe itself, the A9 will likely be slightly wider and lower than the equivalent A8 while having a similar length and wheelbase. Also, even though this is an electric car, most rumors suggest that the A9 might be an S-model inspired car. This means a more aggressive overall look with a few more sportier features than your regular Audi sedan.

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Inside the cabin

Unfortunately because we are still at least two years away from release, the interior of the Audi A9 is still under wraps. There are two possible directions for Audi’s upcoming flagship electric sedan. The first one includes parts, and most of the design, borrowed from the A8. In this case, the A9 would basically be what the A5 is for the A4 with an identical design to the A8 and slightly more features.

Audi A9 Interior

The second option, and the one we like more, would offer an entirely new design scheme. Audi would give the car a more futuristic interior in order to set it apart from the rest of their cars. It would be a similar move to what BMW did to their “i” series of cars which has proven to be very successful.

Audi A9 Video

What will power it?

The only confirmed fact is that the Audi A9 will be an all electric car set right above the A8 in terms of features and specs. This also means it will be quite expensive, so it is safe to assume that it will offer quite a bit more power than it. We expect the car to feature all wheel drive as standard, which will likely still be branded as “quattro”. This might be achieved with the help of two, three or four electric motors that will power the two axles. In this case, the A9 should be capable to offer more than 500 horsepower with ease.

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Audi A9

The E-Tron Quattro had 429 horsepower with a boot setting that allowed for 496 horsepower for a short amount of time. The A9 is expected to have a very similar setup to this car. The battery will likely be a 90 to 110 kWh unit which will offer in excess of 300 miles of all electric range. The best part about it is going to be the fast charging system. The A9 will support a 150 kW charger that will allow the battery to get from 0 to 100% in just 50 minutes which is considerably less than even Tesla’s fast charging system.

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