2019 Lamborghini Asterion Release date

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Not too long ago Lamborghini was showcasing the Asterion, a hybrid concept-car meant to compete with the likes of the Ferrari F12 and Aston Martin Vanquish. While these might seem like unusual competitors for a Lamborghini, the Asterion was meant to be Lamborghini’s first true GT car in many years.

Unfortunately though it seems that the project has been shelved for now because they are focusing on the Urus SUV which should be out in a couple of years.

2019 Lamborghini Asterion5

Release date of Lamborghini Asterion

Luckily though, not too long ago rumors about a new 2019 Lamborghini Asterion started to surface and even though it hasn’t been confirmed just yet, Lamborghini didn’t dismissed them like they did a year ago.

This might be quite good for anyone looking to get a high class GT car built by one of the most intriguing manufacturers out there. The car is expected to be based on a new modular chassis which should also underpin the next Lamborghini flagship.

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2019 Lamborghini Asterion2

However, unlike the concept which was built with a long hood and a short back but with a mid-mounted engine, similar to the Miura, the rumored Asterion is actually likely going to be a similar car in design to the Aventador or Huracan with a long and low body with a really short nose and a forward cabin.

While it may sound a bit unusual, there are manufacturers out there offering high performance GT cars and the 2019 Lamborghini Asterion could be one of these. There is still no word on the looks of the car but Lamborghini might come up with something completely new which could be then used on all of their future models. Because the car will have a similar layout to the Aventador, we don’t expect all that much room inside the cabin so they could come up with something new.

2019 Lamborghini Asterion7

We expect it to have regular instead of scissor-doors together with “suicide”-like small rear doors which will allow the driver and its passengers to access a storage space behind the rear seats. This should be more than enough for a high class GT-super-car and it might be the first car for an entirely new generation of GT-super-cars.

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Thanks to the large door openings and the fact it will basically have four doors, the access inside the cabin should be very good. Also, thanks to the fact it will sport a new platform and it will be taller than the Aventador, inside the cabin there should be enough room for much better seats and a set of features that will allow anyone to drive the Asterion fast for miles on end.

2019 Lamborghini Asterion3

Like the concept car, the 2019 Lamborghini Asterion is very likely going to be a hybrid but unlike all the other hyper-car hybrids which are mostly meant to go faster, the Asterion might be focused on range as well. We didn’t say fuel efficiency because it won’t be as efficient as a Prius but in the World of super-cars it might become the most efficient of them all by a big margin.


This will likely be achieved with the help of a new Audi-developed V8 twin-turbocharged engine, likely a 4 liter unit, which should power the rear wheels only via an 8 speed automatic gearbox. This should be able to provide close to 600 horsepower and more than 600 lb-ft of torque.

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2019 Lamborghini Asterion6

On top of that, two front-mounted electric motors are expected to deliver an extra of 300 to 450 horsepower and more than 500 lb-ft of torque when needed. The end result will be a car with close to 1,000 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque which will be able to drive on electricity alone for up to 100 miles. While this still seems like a dream, let’s not forget that Porsche is developing a very interesting electric system for their future Mission-E.

2019 Lamborghini Asterion Video

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