2019 Ford Expedition

2019 Ford Expedition – In detail

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After being around for more than a decade, the ongoing Expedition is finally going to be discontinued by the end of the year. It will be replaced with the 2019 Ford Expedition which has already been unveiled by Ford back in February. The new model is lighter, more powerful and considerably better looking. It also employ’s Ford’s latest features, so it should be capable to compete with the best in its class. Even though Ford did showcase the model, they didn’t reveal everything about it which might suggest that the development cycle is not done. One of our worries is the engine but more on that later.

In detail

Like before, the new Expedition shares its chassis and most of the running gear with the F-150 truck. It gets a fully independent suspension setup that should handle its weight better than the older version did. The short wheelbase model is now 4 inches longer than its predecessor while the long wheelbase model is 1 inch longer than the former EL version. The extra space hasn’t gone to waste.

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2019 Ford Expedition

There is more space inside the cabin and Ford is also offering more trunk space than ever before. Also, the car now features a body made out of aluminum which allowed them to drop the weight by around 300 pounds. This is the same as that on the F-150 but Ford did modify most of it in order to be unique. The price is unknown but we would expect it to cost just as much as before. A notable change is the removal of the base XL for the general public.

2019 Ford Expedition design

The 2019 Ford Expedition has to be the largest departure from the previous version in the model’s history. We can easily say that the new model doesn’t share anything in terms of looks with its predecessor and that is great. In the front Ford focused on offering a highly aggressive, yet stylish, look.

2019 Ford Expedition4

There are C-shaped DRL headlights, a large honeycomb grille, a rather low air dam which makes it more dramatic as well as a bulky-looking hood. The rear is quite body in comparison with its predecessor so it accentuates the muscular look of the SUV.

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Inside the cabin

Unfortunately there are no surprises here. Both the short and long wheelbase models come with 8 seats as standard. The dashboard comes straight from the F-150 and the only real differences are on the center stack. There is a new electronic parking brake, a rotary gear knob and better front seats.

2019 Ford Expedition1

Ford also improved the quality of the materials tremendously over the older generations of the Expedition and even over the F-150 truck. There is more trunk space than before and all while the passengers enjoy more room on all three rows of seats.

Ford Expedition Video

Under the hood

The 2019 Ford Expedition only gets a 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6. They haven’t stated what output the engine has but they did say it is the new generation unit. On the F-150 the engine makes 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque which is very impressive. Even though it would be easier to just install the same version on the Expedition, we do think Ford has a surprise in store. Considering all of their rivals offer north of 400 horsepower, it would make sense to bump the output of the 3.5 liter engine to around 400 horsepower and just as much torque as the truck. This would offer better performance and it would give them a chance against all those V8-powered rivals. Rear wheel drive will be standard with an optional four wheel drive system sporting a two-speed transfer case. The only gearbox of choice will be Ford’s new 10 speed automatic which is considerably better than the older 6 speed unit in the old Expedition.

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2019 Ford Expedition3 250x166

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