2018 Honda CRZ Price

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The first generation of the CRZ was a lighter and more powerful version of the Civic while the ongoing model is nothing like that. In fact, it is a rather slow hybrid car with not that much power but still with an appealing design.This will definitely change in the future and luckily it will change for the better. It seems that the upcoming 2018 Honda CRZ will return to its roots and unlike the current model, it will be a part of the Civic lineup.

This new model will still be a two-door coupe and just like before, the hatchback style is going to be kept but to what extent we don’t know at this point, especially since Honda released a few teasers about a coupe Civic.

Due to the fact it will be part of the Civic lineup, the CRZ will be using the same platform as the very popular model. However, it will be a bit more different than we thought at first.

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2018 Honda CRZ Price1

Why? Well, instead of releasing a Type R version, it seems that Honda wants to make the CRZ the new high performance car, meaning that it will very likely come with an improved drivetrain, a much sportier running gear as well as a nicer exterior.

2018 Honda CRZ Price

The price will be set accordingly so don’t expect anything under $30,000. In fact, considering that Honda wants to make the car a true sports car and that some of its future competitors such as the Focus RS or the Golf R get past $35,000 with ease, it is safe to assume that the CRZ will be no different.

2018 Honda CRZ Price2

Just as we mentioned, the 2018 Honda CRZ will feature the same chassis as the usual Civic but most likely shortened. Also, the car’s running gear will be completely revised so it will offer tighter shocks and springs, bigger brakes, larger 18 or 19 inch wheels wrapped in high performance tires as well as possibly a brake-based torque vectoring system.

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Honda CRZ Design

Design wise the car is still under development and there might be many changes until it will hit the market some time in the mid of 2018. However, it is pretty safe to assume that the future CRZ will still look like a CRZ with the sloped roof, the large rear hatch-door and the long doors.

2018 Honda CRZ Price5

The front end will likely be a lot more similar to that of the upcoming Civic but most of the sheet metal behind the A-pillars will be all new. Inside the cabin, the CRZ will likely feature the same dashboard as the usual Civic but it will get its own instrument cluster tailored for its specific engine, better seats and a lower driving position.

Engine of Honda CRZ 2018

Under the hood, the 2018 Honda CRZ will very likely feature Honda’s all new 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 mill which was first showcased on the European model of the Type R.

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2018 Honda CRZ Price8

However, the US model of the CRZ will likely feature a boost to its output to around 300 horsepower or more. This should allow the car to compete with the likes of Focus RS or the Golf R but it will also give the driver a more interesting driving experience due to the fact that the CRZ will most definitely be a front wheel drive car only.

The transmission of choice for Honda will likely be a 6 speed manual while an automatic might be offered at a later time as an option. A four wheel drive system is unfortunately out of the question because it will add too much weight for it to make any sense. However, the car will definitely feature torque vectoring which will be a massive bonus for a front wheel drive.

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