2018 Ford Mondeo

2018 Ford Mondeo Review

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Up until a generation ago, the Mondeo was a standalone car sold in Europe and a few other parts of the World. However, this changed with the latest model which was also sold in the US as the Fusion. This allowed Ford to focus more on developing the car and offering a better all around vehicle. While some people said that the European model would not be successful, Ford proved them wrong. They offered a large and comfortable sedan at the price of a smaller executive car. In order to get that experience even further, an update is on its way.

2018 Ford Mondeo In detail

Ford has not said much about this update but the US version of the car already received one. This was expected though mainly because the US model was released more than a year earlier than the European model.

2018 Ford Mondeo4

The 2018 Ford Mondeo will more than likely come with mostly the same upgrades and revisions the US Fusion received. This also means that the high performance Sport version might come to the European market for the first time in nearly a decade.

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The price of the Mondeo will vary greatly. Expect the base models to cost around €24,000 or less while a top of the range Titanium might go for more than € 40,000 which is already in another class completely.

The exterior and the new trim levels

Most of the design for the new 2018 Ford Mondeo will be similar to what is available on the current model. The glasshouse, the lines of the body and most of the colors will remain the same.

2018 Ford Mondeo3

However, the car will likely receive the new front end found on the Fusion. This means a slightly sleeker grille, a new pair of slimmer headlights as well as an all new bumper. The Sport, or more than likely the ST325, will also receive a sportier body kit, larger wheels, a rear spoiler and unique colors.

The car should also receive a new luxury trim level. This will compete with cars like the A4 or the C Class at a lower price point. Not much has been said about this but Ford did say it would be the mass market version of the Vignale.

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The interior

Even though it has been revamped only slightly, the cabin of the new Fusion, and soon to be Mondeo, is a lot better in terms of quality and features. Like the US model, the 2018 Ford Mondeo will more than likely receive the new instrument cluster.

2018 Ford Mondeo1

This will combine a rev-counter in the middle with two LCD displays on each side to display speed, fuel consumption and satellite navigation directions. The infotainment system will be upgraded to the Sync 3 and likely the Sync Connect while the small quality problems of the original should be gone by now.

Under the hood

The Mondeo will more than likely carry over the same engines that can be found on the current version. This means it will start its life with a 1 liter EcoBoost 3 cylinder engine with 125 horsepower.

Further up the range, a 1.5 or 2 liter turbo are going to be available. There will also be two diesel engines offered with different outputs. The biggest change here will likely be the addition of the new top end Sport, or ST, version.

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2018 Ford Mondeo2

This should make use of the same engine that can be found in the Fusion. This is a 2.7 liter twin-turbocharged V6 which offers 325 horsepower and 515 Nm of torque. All that power would be sent to an all wheel drive system via a six speed automatic gearbox.

The others will come as standard with front wheel drive and a six speed manual with the option of getting an automatic.

2018 Ford Mondeo Video

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2018 Ford Mondeo 250x166
2018 Ford Mondeo4 250x166
2018 Ford Mondeo3 250x166
2018 Ford Mondeo1 250x166
2018 Ford Mondeo2 250x166

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